Friday, March 20, 2009


So... Sometimes I forget that I haven't blogged on my personal blog for almost a month. BWWUUUT!? Yeah. pretty silly.

Item of business #1--No, Elizabeth, I am not employed by Miche bags. :) Merely a fan wanting to share. ha.

Item of business #2--I am out of Special K. Yes. This is a legitimate concern. I ate dry frosted mini wheats out of the box for breakfast today with a glass of milk. Why didn't I fill a bowl with milk and fill it with the frosted deliciousness? Well seriously. Yuck. Sugary cereals make the milk taste all nasty. No go.

Item of business #3--I have only done 1 hour of my Career Step this week, as opposed to the 20+ hours I pulled off the last two weeks. Sometimes I feel guilty, and sometimes I don't. I have to edit pictures sometime! :)

Item of business #4--Half of our curtains came. By that, I mean that the curtains for the kitchen came. The living room curtains are backordered until May. BOOO. Our kitchen curtains are currently hanging in the living room. That rod was already up... what did you expect?

Item of business #5--Yesterday was a super productive day, despite the 0 hours of Career Step that were completed. I deposited a check, ordered more checks, picked up our TV remote (I can finally control the volume on my TV!!), got the brakes checked and tires rotated, went to Costco (and resisted buying two pounds of cheese for my snacking pleasure), edited pictures from a senior session I shot on Tuesday, went to Kirby's class, and watched a movie with Kirby. Yup. I slept in today. :)

Item of business #6--I ordered a new lens. It's in the mail now. It is basically the cheapest lens Canon offers, has a plastic mount, etc. (instead of metal), but several of the photographers whos work I follow use it and love it despite it feeling cheap. So I thought I would give it a try! I figured it would help hold off the drooling for the 5D Mark II that I dream about. I'm saving for it one penny at a time and am not even close. It also helps that it is backordered everywhere anyways. Even if I had scrupulously saved before now I wouldn't be able to get it. Maybe by the time it reappears on the market the price will drop! (Fat chance, but a girl can dream, right??)

Item of business #7--I think I'm done. I'm going to go work on that senior session some more. :)

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