Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Kirby and I went to the rodeo for our first date! (Awww....) And last night we went again! So I guess it was kind of like our two year anniversary of our first date! And it was awesome. For the half-time show they had these two extreme dirt bikers going off these huge jumps! It stressed me out, which was rather amusing to both Kirby and the girl sitting on my left. I think my next favorite part was probably the mutton' bustin. For those of you who have no idea what that was (because we didn't, even though we'd seen it before,) it's where they have a bunch of little kids ride on the backs of sheep for as long as they can. hahaha. It was so funny!

Here we are two years ago... We were very hardcore...

And here we were last night! :)

So... side note... those are my "cute giant goggles," as I affectionately call them. :) I finally decided to suck it up and get some big ones. No regrets, by the way. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hooray for Shanna!

So, my friend Shanna got married on Thursday, and Meridith was so kind as to join me! Since I was shooting candids for Shanna I needed to be at the temple, and at the reception, and I didn't want to have to drive to Salt Lake twice, so we stayed up there all day! That was about seven hours of free time!

When we first got to the temple, we had to wait 10-15 minutes for the goofballs to actually come out of the temple, and I got antsy. So I got my camera out early and took some pictures of Meridith! This one is my favorite. :) I love the vibrant greens in the background, and the crazy thing is--her eyes almost look green--but they are not even close! Sky blue, is what they are...

Mer wanted her turn, too, but unfortunately I was facing the sun. And I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it... can you tell???

Hooray for Shanna and Branson! Happy wedding! I'm wearing my pseudo-maternity dress. Haha. It's not a maternity dress, but since it has an empire waist, it kinda looks like one! :)

First stop after the temple was the Olive Garden (naturally) where we had a nice leisurely lunch. Oh man, it was good. You can tell here that I switched to my point and shoot camera. First of all, this pictures not even in focus, but I liked it anyways. :)

Charming! The salad is just so delicious I couldn't help but try and fit the whole thing in my mouth at once! :) Now that I think back, there were no tomatoes on that salad! Darn salmonella...

After we'd had delicious food and a lovely chat we headed to the Gateway to explore. We're both not very familiar with it, so it was a good adventure. We didn't see half of it, though, I'm afraid. We stopped in at Gap and took a rest in front of a tri-fold mirror. And then I bought a hot pink shirt. And I love it. :) It's in my lap in this picture...

Haha. So, y'all may think we're nuts, but while we were driving around trying to find something else to do we passed Ethan Allan (Allen) and I thought to myself, "COUCHES!" We'd been walking around for several hours at this point in our Sunday shoes, and our feet were beginning to feel the effects. We spent somewhere around 3 hours walking (and sitting) around that store! It was glorious. And every so often I'd snap a picture. Here's one of a comfy office chair.

Now THIS chair was glorious. I sat in it and at first I was like, "BWUUUUT?" because it was way too reclined. But then I did a little wiggle and a footrest popped out and it slid back and it was heaven. Trust me--Meridith was very happy in that chair, despite how she may look in this picture. :)

SURPRISE! This was awesome. The flat screen moved down into this cabinet with a bunch of DVD storage in the front. So cool. I don't know how I feel about the wash of the wood... or if you can even call it a wash... but the idea was awesome. It even had a little keychain like you'd have for a car to unlock the doors!

We stayed here the remainder of our time and loved every minute of it (even though once Garrett got there he was excessively unamused. BOOOO) Then we went to the reception.

I've posted pictures of the actual wedding on my photography blog!

As a side note--Mer and I are lucky we made it home from Salt Lake. I mean, we wouldn't have died, but she should have broken down. One of the belts in my car was completely shredded. We knew it was loose for a while, but once we were up in Salt Lake it really started to sound different. When I got home, I had Kirby and his friend Brad check it out. Yup. Shredded! They fixed it that night. We were blessed!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hydrogen Peroxide

This movie is a little long, but it's pretty funny. Kirby is cleaning his wound (see the post below for more details...) Hooray for Hydrogen Peroxide!

Recent Injuries... Not for the Faint of Heart...

So, Kirby is playing on the Senior MTC's soccer team in the MTC soccer tournament (the media crew didn't have enough interested in playing, so he's playing for a different department.) During the first game, he made a courageous goal attempt and in the process slid underneath the goalie, doing this to his leg:

Later on the the game Kirby came running up to me saying, "Take another picture!" And it turns out he had done this to his other leg:

So after the game we went to our friends apartment because they own some hydrogen peroxide. (We only ever go there when they have something we need to use. Hahaha. Just kidding.) Anyways! This is Dr. Curtis (Mark and Amy's resident doctor) overseeing the use of the hydrogen peroxide. We weren't allowed to use it until we cleaned all the rubber bits (from the astro-turf) out of his wound.

Mark and Amy had some funky tool we used like tweezers to pick the rubber bits out. Not an easy task considering Kirby's legs are like a jungle.

On a side note, here's a wound I received about a week before Kirby's. I got it caught on our DVD player. A bit of a mystery, really, but pretty sweet looking!

This is the wound about a week later, after it stopped oozing.

Back to Kirby's wound... This is what it looked like after a couple days.

After another couple days...

This is from about the same time as the picture above, but this is to show how his leg swelled up. We're not really sure why it looks like this because he wrapped the whole leg for a day or two so he could walk (and play racquetball) comfortably, and when we got home we busted up laughing when we saw this...

For everyone concerned: Kirby's leg is doing fine. It is now just a giant scab that he likes to show off. Ask him to show it to you sometime! It's rather impressive. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

So, my older sister got into digital scrapbooking--BIG TIME. and then she and some other ladies around the world got together (via the internet, of course) and decided to put a freebie package together for the 12 days of Christmas (I think...). It was just for fun at first, to see what would happen mostly, and it was HUGE. So they decided to create a business and here is their website:

Their stuff is fantastic. And each package has its own unique style, because they're created by different people! If you have never considered digital scrapbooking, or if you love it, check out their site! If I ever scrapbook for my children, I'm going to have to do this. There's no cutting... no paper buying... no walls to hit as the artistic creator... You just insert your photos, and then have somewhere print and bind your album. So cool.

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