Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Couldn't resist sharing this. Thanks, Annie! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So this one time...

Yeah. I'm no longer pregnant. Bet you were worried, too...

Laugh if you want, but a lady I serve with in my ward was 18 days overdue with one of her kids. You know, back in the day before they wouldn't let you be that late. Ugh. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

But anyhoo. Here I am, two weeks and two days after one of the most special days of my life, ready to share my story with you. But be ye warned... Because I have so successfully procrastinated writing this post, there will undoubtedly be picture overload.

You have been warned.

November 1, 2009: A beautiful Sunday, and the due date for our still unnamed daughter. Kirby and I took several walks today, totaling over 4 miles of walking. Contractions came and went, and we thought we'd be parents come that night, or maybe the following morning.

November 2, 2009: Had a peaceful nights sleep. No contractions. No baby.

November 3, 2009: At this point I was pretty resigned to the fact that I would most likely have to wait until I was induced the following day. Went shopping with Adriane and had a lovely last evening as a family of two with Kirby.

November 4, 2009:

The hospital called at 6:40 AM and "asked" us to come in at 7:30 to be induced. I rolled out of bed (the mental image of a beached whale comes to mind...), got my things together, ate breakfast, etc. etc. etc. But no shower... not enough time for that.

The drive to the hospital was relaxed--did I mention that I was still having no contractions?

We got to the American Fork Hospital a little after 7:30 and headed up to Labor and Delivery. I got my IV (ironically the part I was most worried about), and they missed the vein in my right hand, resulting in my IV being placed in my left wrist. Why was I so worried about the IV? I think it dates back to when I was in Jr. High sometime when I asked my parents about childbirth and my dad said something about them sticking an needle the size of a nail into the back of your hand... Yeah. Traumatized.

They started the pit drip around 8. For the record, I was already dilated to a 4 when we got there. How? No clue. The only contractions I ever really had were when Kirby and I decided to walk 4 miles the day I was due, and walking 4 miles only takes so long, you know? But that's where I was at.

As soon as I started feeling crampy I had them stick me with the epidural so that by the time things really got going I would already be 100% comfortable. Then I played sudoku while Kirby hung out on the couch reading his giant 1000+ page book, among other things.

By 1:45 I was fully dilated, and the nurse (who was fabulous, by the way) had me start to push.

Our daughter was born at 2:33.

It took us a little bit, but we finally decided on Emily Marie Davison.

And here are some of my favorites from after we got home... These two are from the day after she was born, when her head was still kind of swollen... But so cute!

Sleeping daddy/daughter pictures are always some of my favorites. I think they are so sweet.

And check out her lips on this one! Paha! Love it!

And because sleeping pictures are just too cute...

Emily makes some of the funniest faces in her sleep! I haven't yet captured some of the funniest...

That's my girl!

Yeah, that's a bib. My one regret about this picture. I really liked the outfit and was trying to preserve it for a visit to grandma's (from whom we received said outfit). She has managed to blow out twice while wearing it, not to mention the spit-ups, sooo... I was taking drastic action.

And yes, I have attempted some pictures in the studio. Once. I have yet to try again, but I think I'm almost over the frustration of the first attempt. To my huge surprise I actually had a couple I liked!

And because I love it... This is what I walked out of my bedroom to see just the other day... :) And yes. Emily is in there. They were having a nice friendly chat! Did I mention I love my husband!?

As for me, I'm feeling fantastic. We get decent sleep, considering she's only two weeks old. She usually eats around 10, and then again around 2 or 3, and not again until 7 or 8! Obviously, we have our more challenging nights. :) I still have a hard time believing that she used to be inside me! PAH!

So there you go! I feel a great weight of responsibility lift from my shoulders as I push the "Publish Post" button. :)

If you survived all the way to the end and want to see some more pictures from the hospital, click HERE to see the facebook album. I felt redundant reposting many of them here, so I just stuck to my favorites...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

T-Minus Who-Knows-How-Long

Okay, okay... Technically it's a day.

11 hours if we're counting until midnight, but let's be realistic here!

The good news is, I still feel incredibly comfortable! Sure, my belly is huge and full of baby, but I still feel really good! Uncannily good...

The bad news is, I still feel really comfortable! *sigh* Shouldn't my days be riddled with contractions by now? I just don't know what to think...

BUT--the end is in sight. The latest this baby will be coming is November 4th, because if she's not here before then--my doctor is going to induce me. So that's crazy exciting.

First off, here are some shots I took back when I was 31 weeks along... I thought the contrast between these and the ones we took last night are pretty funny. But how lame are we? We didn't take any belly shots between 31 weeks and 39 weeks (practically 40 weeks...)!


And here are the ones from last night...

What? I look tired in this one? It was past midnight. Want proof? Check out the clock on the wall behind us. Yes--we partied it up on our last Friday as a family of two. And it may or may not have included a binge at Tucanos...

Two more... You know... just in case the two pictures above weren't enough to give you an idea of how pregnant I am...

So why haven't I blogged forever? Mainly because I don't feel like I have a ton to blog about! I don't have any complaints about how I'm feeling, and until about a week ago, we didn't really have very many baby items for me to talk about! We had a crib, changing table, etc... But I already blogged about those!

OH! Tangent! Remember that crate I mentioned briefly in my last post? From JoAnn's?


No biggie. But you're going to hear about it now! I decided I wanted to put blankets and extra burp cloths in there, all rolled up cute-style. But I couldn't figure out where to physically put the crate.

Disaster? Almost.

Luckily I had a stroke of genius. I pulled out Kirby's tool bag, got myself a screwdriver and a couple screws, and BAM! Instant shelf. But more than a shelf. A shelf with sides! And I can still put stuff on top. Awesome? You bet.

All in all--I cannot wait to meet my little girl. And make those tutus I bought tulle for a week ago. They are going to be stinkin' cute. But mostly I can't wait to meet my little girl. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

T-Minus 18 Days

How weird is that!? We've dropped into the teens. I couldn't be more excited. I'm still feeling fantastic--hence the incredible lack of posting. I feel a lot bigger since the last belly picture I posted. I guess that's a good thing, considering it's been almost two months? But I've really popped the last couple weeks. I'll try and get another belly shot up here.

I have, however, taken up the bad habit of eating lots of chocolate-y and sugar-y stuff the last week or so. Butterfingers... Mint truffles... Double-stuff oreos. Yum. I was doing awesome on my pregnancy weight gain, but we'll see how I fare tomorrow at my OB appointment! :)

Not two minutes ago our little girl knocked on my stomach. Literally. Not the usual pushing and poking--an actual rhythmic KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! She wants to come out and play. Unfortunately she hasn't yet come to realize that the door out is down, and not up. Sigh. :)

Kirby and I went to the BYU vs. CSU game a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. The walk back to the car ended up being a little more painful than I expected, but other than that--AWESOME.

Oh. And check out our crazy-awesome sunglasses. :)

I hit a goldmine at JoAnn's craft store the other day. Baskets, crates, hat boxes... Oh man. The photo opportunities are booming! Can't wait. I'm going back today to get supplies to make a little tutu. Paha.

In fact--I think I will go now!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Abs of Baby

So this one time, we were at the doctor's office. It was our first appointment after our 25 week ultrasound, (so probably 29 weeks) and was also the first week that they measured to make sure my growth was on track. The nurse started looking for the top of my uterus and exclaimed, "Wow! You have really good abdominal muscles! It makes it hard to find your uterus!"

Well, here's why.

I have a husband who makes me laugh ALL THE TIME. 'Nuff said. Here's to hoping all the laughing helps me get the abs back! :)

In other news, I spent my Wednesday afternoon as a sugar cookie cookin' fiend! Luckily I had my equally fiendish nephew to help me out. :)

WOOHOO! :) I'll be at 35 weeks on Sunday! I'll try and get another belly shot up. I just don't take very many... Hum.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

For All You Cougar Fans... :)

I'm totally stealing this off my friend Rachel's blog (THANK'S RACHEL!) because it is just too awesome and I wanted to share the love... :) I know it's a little late, seeing as we have another game coming up in a couple hours, but it's totally worth it. And yes--you will actually have to pay attention because there are subtitles you have to read. No multitasking allowed! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not sure who to believe...

Through the course of pregnancy, one's body changes a lot.



But sometimes I wonder if certain changes I perceive are actually a figment of my imagination. For example, I have been feeling like my arms have been getting a bit fatter--mostly because I don't work out like I used to. But when I mentioned this to Kirby, he said, "Oh really? I thought they were getting thinner... huh."

And so I am faced with a dilemma. To whom do I listen? My overly analytical and critical self, whose vision of self image tends to be distorted simply because of an extra X chromosome? Or my loving husband whose view tends to be distorted by that love, as well as the fact that my middle is getting increasingly larger, thus potentially causing said arms to look smaller simply by comparison?

My life is so hard. So many difficult decisions. :)

But I am thankful for difficult decisions like trying to decide who's opinion on the size of my arms to believe. And having to try and decide which shirt to wear. After all, I have a choice. I'm thankful to be faced with the decision of what I want to eat for lunch. And whether or not I want to "treat" Kirby to Panda Express. And whether or not I want crunchy or creamy peanut butter on my sandwich today.

While faced with such challenging decisions, I just remember--it's okay. I can do hard things. And I'm thankful for that. ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This morning was a pretty ordinary summer morning. Mostly. Kirby's getting over a cold, so he slept in a little longer than normal, but other than that, nothing new. I took a shower like normal, and began blow drying my hair--like normal.

*Cue the rhythmic sound of a hair dryer*

I happened to glance up a bit in the mirror and realized---

I was not alone.


was watching me.

Upon realizing he had been discovered, he tried to make his escape out the back way...

Little did he know that I am trained in the art of arachno-extirpation... My first instinct was to grab the vacuum, but due to the teasing I got from Kirby last time I used that method (I was home alone, and had THREE encounters!! Can you blame me? I kept the vacuum out the rest of the weekend he was gone, just in case...), I opted to try a different approach.

I grabbed the critical ingredients to my special cocktail:

Hairspray... and 409.

I hadn't ever actually used 409 before, but I figured it smells toxic to me, so it has to do something harmful to spiders...

I hit him hard with the 409 first. To my great astonishment, it had very little effect. Exoskeleton, perhaps? It appeared to irritate me more than him! So I used my trusty fallback--hairspray. Not sure exactly if it kills them, or just freezes them, but either way, it immobilizes them.

And rather than clean the job up with the vacuum, I coaxed him onto a piece of paper (a full sheet of paper, mind you... Keeping your distance from such criminal intruders is a necessary safety precaution...) and flushed him down the toilet.

Round and round and round he went.

Better luck next time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Belly, etc.

I reached a couple milestones this week.

I had my first encounter with pregnancy heartburn. Before this I thought to myself, "Psh. I can handle heartburn. I've had it before." Turns out it's not quite the same. If I have it consistently like I had it the other night, I'm going to explode from annoyance. Any magical heartburn cures are welcome! I've supplied a comment box just for them! (Well... sort of...) This is how I feel about heartburn. See below:

"Um... please no?" Please note the lazy right eye... :)

I also had my first hardcore leg cramp last night. Kirby and I were watching The Karate Kid (my first time ever seeing it, actually) on his laptop in the living room when my entire leg cramped in a way it never has before. Don't worry. I thought I could handle leg cramps, too. I get charley horses in my calves all the time, especially in bed. But, again, this wasn't even close to the same. Sigh. I have no idea what I will do if I get one while I'm shopping or something. Sit down in the aisle till it goes away? Hum. Here's how I feel about leg cramps:

"You cramp up and I will take you down, Leg. Believe me, I will..."

On a funnier note--I looked at my belly button the first time since I've begun to show, and it is rapidly disappearing! I am now mildly obsessed with it. I can actually see the bottom!

And the best news ever! I made a rag quilt this week! PAH! And it is SO CUTE. No joke. I am so proud of it. I just decided one day that I was going to make one, so I went and got fabric, looked up how online (turns out it is one of the easiest things to do), and did it. Tada! Now I want to make one for me. This one is technically for our girlie--it's supposed to be crib sized.

And, upon request... Some belly pictures! Took these last night. Well, let's be honest. Kirby took them. And he took 42 pictures in the 2 minutes we had the camera out. Pahaha. So this is me at 28 weeks and 2 days! The first two trimesters have come and gone!

Friday, July 31, 2009

I think it's growing...

Yup. Last night I was sitting in bed playing sudoku while Kirby was finishing up in the office, and I felt a huge kick.

Followed immediately by another.

And another.

I looked down at my stomach in shock, only to see it MOVING!

Pretty sure she was kick boxing or something, because that belly of mine was getting manipulated in too many directions to only be caused by her feet. Impressive, really.

To put it short--I laughed my head off.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News and Bad News...

Good News: We got to see our little girl again yesterday, and she is still a girl! ;) She's weighing in at 1 pound, 11 oz and is growing.

Bad News: She was still being a little stinker which meant no profile shot. Bummer. (Yes, Erin, I am a tiny bit jealous of the profile shot of Lil' on your blog...)

Good News: I got my first kick in the rib region not one minute ago. It was a pretty decent kick--not painful, but rather impressive.

Bad News: The kicks to the ribs are just going to get harder. :) And hey--she must have finally rolled over to her back if she's kicking me up there... One day too late...

Good News: Our cutie seems to be taking after her daddy. First of all, she's pretty stubborn. Secondly, she's a tummy sleeper. Thirdly, she's got some mightily impressive guns! (See the post below for proof if you haven't seen it yet or have forgotten...) Hopefully this means she will also get his perfect eyesight, his incredible metabolism, and his beautiful eyes! :)

Super Good News: I found a crazy-amazing deal on a crib and changing table from some people moving to New York. Not to mention we also got a cradle swing, bouncer, and jumper in the package! It's such a relief to have some baby stuff! It makes it feel that much more real!

Bad News: I'm exhausted right now and am going to go to bed, rather than think of more news. Maybe my creative juices will return tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Latest...

To any of you who may have inquired about my goings-on in the last five months I must apologize. For chances are pretty good that I either lied to you, or made my life sound really boring.

The good news is that Kirby and I now feel it has been a sufficient amount of time to be honest with the world. :) Come November 1st (or there-abouts) we will me meeting our little girl face to face.



Surprise, surprise!

To those who may feel slighted at not being informed earlier, lemme 'splain. After three miscarriages we wanted to limit the number of people we had to tell bad news to if pregnancy #4 went south. So we agreed it would stay under wraps until our 20 week ultrasound.

So there you have it. I am over halfway there, now! HOLLA!

And just because an announcement like this would seem incomplete without pictures of some kind...

Unfortunately for us, our stubborn little girl was lying face down for most of the ultrasound. We were able to poke her enough to get her to sort-of roll almost on to her side, but to no avail. Additionally, when she did roll a teensy bit, her chin was also tucked tightly into her chest. She's a daddy's girl, that one. I would share a picture of Kirby's signature funny face, but I couldn't find one! For those of you who have seen it, it's probably burned into your memory forever, and for those of you who haven't... well... You'll just have to ask him about it sometime! SO--Believe it or not, this is the best view of her face we could manage. It's mostly skull. We have to wait another month to try again to see the profile...

Because we love little baby toes!

She may have been shy about showing us her face, but she was all about showin' off those guns! Daddy's girl indeed. Not only has she mastered his signature funny face, but she's inherited his musculature! :)

Yup. She was all about showing off her calves and hamstrings, too. Flex and release... flex and release...

I'm not really sure how to end a post like this.

Perhaps with a...



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Your Entertainment...

First off, this one time (back around Halloween) my family went to a murder mystery dinner hosted by BYU's drama program. It was a lot of fun, and ironically my family was designated to be from China. (All the guests were dignitaries from various countries). At one point we got to talking about how we should get some pictures like Chinese tourists... You know, where they get pictures of themselves with everyone and everything? For example...

Yup. This was the detective. We figured we had to get one with someone random, right??

There are some days where I feel a little racist or something for taking those pictures. But just a little. Because all I have to do is look at the one of my mom and dad and a surge of giggles washes away all my regret.

Today, however, I had a face-to-face encounter with a camera-loving Asian. In this case, as I have been informed, our friend was visiting from Thailand.

I was shooting a wedding at the Salt Lake Temple when, we'll call him Mr. X, showed up during the family stair pictures. I caught a side conversation of one of the bride's aunts asking him who's family he was with (knowing, I'm sure, that he wasn't with the wedding party), and then asking him why he was taking pictures. All I caught was him telling her he was a visitor. I figured he was just visiting Temple Square and thought all the excitement surrounding the bride was cool. Thus--TAKE A MILLION PICTURES!!

It couldn't hurt, I figured. He wasn't in my way.

But he kept popping up everywhere. Call it karma? Who knows.

And at one point, as I was setting up a shot, he came up and asked me if I would take a picture of him WITH the bride and groom. Huh. Negotiations regarding the operation of his old Nikon didn't go over well (I don't think he could actually understand what I was asking) so I tried to wing it. The camera was entirely manual, including the focus. Unfortunately, the image never looked in focus through the viewfinder for the whole range of the focus ring. So I just snapped one of them and got on with setting up my shot.

And he kept popping up for the remainder of the shoot. Usually in the background, taking pictures of me taking pictures of them.

Huh. I don't really feel guilty at all anymore.

Although, to be comletely fair, he didn't make the peace signs...

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