Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crawling Progress

He's not exactly graceful yet. 

His approach reminds me a bit of Emily's "butterfly stroke" method.

But when he really wants something (usually an electronic device of some kind), that kid can really move.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whatever Works.

Sam is trying REALLY hard to crawl.
It's adorable.
And fairly hilarious.

Little things I don't want to forget...

...the way Sam rubs his little feet together when he gets excited

...the look of pure adoration in Sam's eyes when he stares at me
...the way Sam's free arm never stops moving around when he nurses

...the way Sam lights up when he sees his sisters Emily loves to clean
...the way Sam would rather smile at me and talk to me than eat. 

A few gems.

I've been keeping a log in my phone of funny things the girls say for... oh... probably a year now. Intending to put a couple on the blog every week or so.
 Obviously a smashing success. 
So while I'm thinking about it...
[They're a bit heavy on the Emily-isms. More Sydney to come. I promise.]

Emily: I'm hugging TWO hugs!

As my sister is heading out the door after visiting:
Emily: Don't forget your eyebrows!

Sydney used to give me a round of applause after I changed her diaper. And would then say, "Thank you, Mommy!"

Emily: "MOM! Dad's snitching the mom and kids stuff!" (Costco coupons)

Emily: Did you drop me off in heaven when you went to the temple to get married? And then picked me up after?

Kirby: (After the bedtime routine) Do you girls want your door closed? Or open a crack?
Sydney: I want a cracker!!

Emily's names of choice for Sam were:
"Hagrid Grandpa," "Raspberry Cupcake," and "Crab."

Sydney: "It's Mister Manda!" (Miss Amanda is Emily's preschool teacher.)

Emily: We don't like Pocahontas because she's an ALIEN PRINCESS.

Emily: I'm stretching out my legs so I can be taller than my sister! Look how long my legs are! If I keep doing this I won't even need a birthday!

Sydney: Minnie Mouse pancakes are my favorite color!

Both girls call DVDs "D-V-Deeves"
Both girls call cookies "Cyookees"
Emily calls nutcrackers "Nackers."
Computer = Picyooter.

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