Friday, May 2, 2008


So, this one time for the last couple days my voice has gone all hoarse and scratchy, and today's been the worst day yet! It's really funny, mostly, but it's getting the the point where any time I try to say anything out of a man's normal vocal range, it tickles and I break into a coughing fit. :)

No problem, right? I just will sound like a man all day! It's not so bad...


I'm editing several batches of pictures (two baby sessions, a wedding, and a vacation to Bryce Canyon--keep an eye out on my photography blog! They'll be up soon!) and listening to some of my favorite music on iTunes. Occasionally (okay, so really it's kind of often...) I forget that my vocal chords are on vacation and I try to sing along!


And then I think "Why??? WHY?????" And then I laugh to myself because I said something like that jokingly last night and it sounded really cool. :)


Ashley said...

haha! i'm sorry your voice is gone, but it does sound pretty cool! hope it comes back soon!

beapinkal said...

Hey Lauren,
this is Bea Pinkal from the ward. I saw your other blog and I also heard from Kristin H.that you took
really cute pictures of her little doughter. I would like to ask you about the prices and all of those things that i need to know if I would like to get some good pics of our son. Would you able to do it? You can email me.



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