Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Results...

I know, I know. Sleepless nights? Anxiety over how our basement would turn out? I'm sure you have all felt it. I'm here to put you all at rest. We finished painting our basement on Christmas Eve (even though I did some touch-ups on Christmas...) And here it is...

In this shot you can see the new ceiling color. White. Yeah. super exciting. But you can also see how NOT white the walls previously were! Yuck.

We painted the kitchen first, and thus--everything was moved into the living room. :)

At this point the kitchen was done and we prepared the living room for painting!

The finished color! What do you think???

Haha. Just kidding. That was just the tinted primer. For a couple hours we had a watermelon living room. Pink paint, green tape. :) This is our friend Mark helping us out.

Finally--the finished product! We are still figuring out (okay, so it's really just me taking forever) where to hang our art and pictures and stuff, so the walls are still kinda bare... This is our office/kitchen space.

The sink area! Ah. My favorite part about this part is that there is no longer a two-inch strip of yucky yellow glue above the sink!

And the living room. And yes. No more gramma-lamp. Curtains are in the making. Pictures still pending. :)

You can see all our pictures laid out on the hearth.

Yum. Love love love.

I am so incredible happy to be done. It was quite the job! Mostly I'm just happy to have my living room back! :)


Anonymous said...

i like it! nice color choices. p.s. i think i know that guy mark you're talking about ;)

rachel b. said...

Oooh, very nice! I love that color! I even kind of liked the salmon-ish primer color . . . I guess that shows how much I wish we could paint our place . . . even watermelon would be acceptable :-)

Adriane said...

pretty pretty. That place shure cleans up nice :D

Sara said...

Lo, it looks great! I bet it's so nice to have it all done!

Ashley said...

lauren, i love it!!! looks awesome. Love the living room color. Really looks good. How fun to have it all done!!! next is the studio right?!


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