Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Night Out at the Movies

Last night Kirby and I went on a date. And we splurged a bit. Granted, we didn't actually go to dinner. The plan was dinner and a movie, but the timing just wasn't working out quite right for us, so....

We went to two movies instead and got popcorn and sodas at the second one to fill our semi-hungry bellies.

Why on earth would we put ourselves through two movies in a row? Let me 'splain.

We saw Valkyrie initially because it showed at 6:40 rather than 7+, which would potentially leave us with more time for dinner afterwards (because that was the plan originally.)

Good movie. Semi-depressing in a heroic sort of way. Think The Great Escape. Sorry for anyone who was planning on seeing this who knows nothing about the true story this movie is based on. It is about a group of Germans who attempt to assassinate Hitler in order to save Germany (and essentially the rest of the world.) I wasn't aware of the ending, but I was a little suspicious seeing as we know that Hitler wasn't, in fact, assassinated, but committed suicide. Good movie all the same. It just wasn't quite the mood we were wanting to spend the rest of our night in.

So, rather than getting some num-nummy wings and sticky fingers at Wingers downstairs, we decided to drive up to Pleasant Grove's Water Gardens Cinema to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Why did we drive all the way from Provo to Pleasant Grove to see another movie when we were already at a theater?


less crowded.

comfy(er) theater.

Seriously. Water Garden's theater #1 is our favorite.

And the movie was quite funny. PG, lots of funny, silly, cute moments. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a funny, light, easy-to-watch movie. We really enjoyed it!

What was my favorite part? Listening to Kirby laugh. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED the movie Valkyrie! Jaren and I went to see it just to do something (we were going to watch the Dark Knight but Brad was home and he didn't want to see it again). I'm pretty sure I walked out of the movie with like the most "wow" feeling. lol. I do think that it's funny that you guys drove all the way to Pleasant Grove to watch another movie haha. Way to go you guys!


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