Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentines Day

What happens when I, Lauren Davison, am in charge of the Valentine's Day festivities?

Well, it ultimately turns in to KIRBY planning surprises for ME, and indulging me in every way. Lemme 'splain...

I wanted to keep things really simple, so I figured a gift, and dinner. And where better to go than J-Dawgs? That would necessitate our celebrating to occur on Friday, which was no big deal.

Oh yeah--and that gift? I'm really proud of this one... Kirby has had this on his list for a while, but he could never justify buying it because it's about twice as much as a paperback novel. So I surprised him!

Can I just express how insane I was when I bought this? Not because I bought it, but because I bought it over a week before Valentines Day. Have I mentioned how hard it is for Kirby and I to keep surprises secrets for longer than, oh, three hours??

But anyhoo... The plan for J-Dawgs was overturned by me really wanting Winger's sticky fingers that night, which Kirby generously catered to. After dinner I was stuffed silly and ready to chill for the rest of the night. And as we pulled onto our little little street, what did I see?

A light blue Mazda3 parked in front of our house! Very curious indeed.

Long story short, Kirby had planned a little surprise of his own. Starcraft with good ol' Mark (Amy could only be there in spirit... dumb parade of homes...), and then a movie!

Oh--and any guesses as to my surprise Valentines gift?

A frosted sugar cookie and six two-liter bottles of Brick Oven root beer. Heaven? You bet.

Happy February. :)


Katie Rod said...

Ha ha! Sounds like fun. And I have to say I love that book. You will never think of life in the same way again (which is a good thing!).

Megan said...

Now that is my kind of valentines day! When you mentioned J-Dawgs my heart hurt a little bit! Oh how I miss that special sauce!

meagan said...

hmmm... i've never tried wingers sticky fingers, but if they can top j-dawgs this is something i'm going to have to try.

in other news, i listened to freakonomics last summer and found it pretty darn interesting.

Ashley said...

mmm i miss j dawgs and wingers sticky fingers!!! sounds like you had a good valentines!!! how's the transcripting thing going?!!

Jewelyn said...

Trevor mentioned it but i wasn't really there when he talked about it. do you recommend it?

Meridith said...

Oh, I miss you.


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