Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 2

 So one of my best friends has a husband.

He is talented up the wazoo.

I was looking around his website and saw that he has an entire flikr album devoted to textures. And I thought to myself, "I want one of those..."

Because yes.

I am obsessed with texture.

So here's my first texture shot.


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

I had to do that for an assingment for one of my photo shop class and I must say it is very useful. Not to mention fun as well.

April said...

That husband is my brother. Wow. I haven't really checked out his website. And yes, he is talented. You are too! Good job!

Meridith said...

That husband is my husband. And I love that you mentioned him and think that he's cool. I think so too. :D

You're amazing, by the way. If I come over sometime, will you help me decorate my house? Your house is darling. ;)

Lauren Davison said...

Pahaha. Oh Meridith... I would love to help you decorate your house! Although I have a hunch it might already be fantastic!


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