Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Quite There.

Insert sigh of frustration.

I can't quite seem to bust through my last pound and a half. 
I'll hit 161.6 and then bounce up a pound or two before going back down.

Over. And Over.

But I'm not giving up. Oh no. The game is on.

My fabulous friend Amy loaned me Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. 

Yup. Time for the hardcore.

Tried it tonight. 
Pretty darn awesome. 

I love how there are three levels of intensity, and the workout is only 20 minutes. 

And get this--wanna know how awesome my husband is?

He did it with me tonight. :) 


Remaining 1.6 pounds--you bettah watch yo' back!


Rachel said...

I'm having the same issue, only it's with the last 5 pounds. I get down to like 139.5 and then bounce back up to 142/3. It's frustrating! Keep up the good work!

Lauren Davison said...

Shoot dang! Blast those last 5 pounds outta the water, Rachel!

ldewey said...

You can do it! I'm inspired by your delicious healthy recipes and your creative way to exercise. One thing that worked for me when I was losing weight was to increase my fruits and vegetables intake. I"m sure you're already eating yours (I'm a slacker and avoid them when I can) but it helped me to get off that dang plateau! Good luck!

Meridith said...

Mm.. I love you, my friend.

Adriane said...

You go girl! I want to come shred with you sometime! Sounds scary and awesome all at once!

Amy Jane said...

I've been doin 30 day shred too! It's more intense than you would think! Especially that third level! haha. I just saw on your other blog that you're going to FL, so awesome! You could go to the new harry potter themepark! The jealousy!


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