Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm sitting in the bedroom while Emily naps, checking blogs, sifting through email, and trying not to jump out of my pants every time a massive thunder clap shakes our little house. 

Good grief.

I was in the middle of replying to an email when I caught a glimpse of something scurrying at the speed of light--across my hand, on to my track pad, and off the other side of my laptop.

I resisted the instinct to throw the laptop across the room and run around in circles screaming. I lifted the laptop, set it aside (with the speed of a ninja, of course), and saw the little bugger. All that went through my head was: 


So without further adieu, I proceeded to smack my thigh with my open palm. 

Over. And Over.
With all the frantic force I could muster.

Lauren : 1
Lighting-Fast Jerk of a Spider : 0

my leg hurts...


Jewelyn said...

Again, that makes me want to throw up. I hope I'm as brave as you when I become a mother.

Ashley said...

im such a girl when it comes to bugs too!

Mrs. S said...

Yikes! I'm not a huge fan of spiders...

Adriane said...

EW YUCK!!! I hate. I hate spiders. I have a spider post. I will post it right now.

Congratulations on not
1)throwing your laptop
2)running around screaming
3)using the vacuum



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