Thursday, April 14, 2011

I. Am. A.

Knitting fiend. 

Ok, not really.
I haven't even learned how yet.

But I'm gonna.

And here's my inspiration:

I mean, seriously. How adorable are they?
The designer of these monsters just finished a six-part series on learning how to knit. You can access all six parts HERE.

And now I'm shamelessly going to put a plug in for a giveaway because I want an extra entry.

Rebecca Danger (the designer) is giving away a copy of this book

on the Make It & Love It blog.
(psst! There are links to Rebecca Danger's blog and Etsy shop from that link, too!)

And I totally want one. Even though I still need to learn how to knit. :)

On a side note, I'm also mourning the fact that I haven't yet learned to crochet. Look at these!

(found HERE)

(found HERE)

(found HERE. There's a super cute picture of Rachel's baby on this blanket, too, which really shows off the fabulous ruffles. I just didn't want to shamelessly repost a picture of her child. That's all. But you should check it out!)

p.s. Rachel, I will probably have to employ you to make that baby hat for me. 'Cause let's get real. What are the odds I will become a true proficient in both knitting AND crochet before this baby gets here? 

Mmmmm. I think I'll be betting AGAINST myself on that one.


Katie said...

Those monsters are so cute! Let's learn how to knit together :)

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Oh, those monsters are precious! You can definitely learn how and I hope you win the book! And thank you for the shameless plug ;-)

Adriane said...

Love it love it love it!!!


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