Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sydney's off the CPAP as of this morning.
She could potentially get put back on if she struggles on the nasal cannula, but hopefully she's off for good!

This was taken yesterday, during her last "hat check."

And here she is with me (and my cra-zay-zy hair) today, rocking the nasal cannula.
Can you believe I posted a picture the SAME DAY I took it!?

I can't wait to see her tomorrow and see how much the shape of her head has changed. :) The hats they use to keep the CPAP positioned are really tight (for obvious reasons), so Sydney's head is a little bit oblong. Her eyes should "un-puff" now, too, that they're not being squished shut by that blasted hat.

She gained two ounces last night, landing her at a whopping 3 lbs 8 ounces!

Most babies get to leave the NICU around 36-37 weeks gestation, which leaves us 3-4 weeks left.
6 down. 3-4 to go.

But DANG! Ain't she CUUTE!?

Emily is starting to get into all sorts of mischief. 
She's gonna be a climber, just like her mommy was.
(Sorry, mom!)

She's totally thinking, "Shoot. Do I run, or act cute and innocent!?"

She still LOVES Enchanted.
Please observe the elbow dimples.

Best seat in the house.

Until daddy brought in the camp chair, that is. 
Yes, I'm working on trademarking her thighs. Don't be jealous.

Oh--what is Daddy up to, you ask?
Well... he keeps busy. 
You know. With the important stuff.


Mari said...

I liked your hair today! I was going to tell you that and then... I didn't. Lame, I know.

Jewelyn said...

Oh both of your girls are so cute!! So glad Sydney is doing well!!

Mercedes said...

Happy to hear Sydney is off of CPAP! That's great! She is a cutie :) Okay and I think Lucy has chunky thighs...I LOVE Emily's!!! They are SO stinkin' cute!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Thanks so much for the update on every one. Sydney really is looking good. Russell head looked like that with out a CPAP hat. I was suprised at how fast it changed back. Emily is a doll. I love her chubby little rolls. Every time I see picture of her I want fly to washington and kiss her checks. Werid but true. The picture of Kriby reminds me of Rob. Money dosent' grow on trees does it. Oh and your hair is still amazing for a crazy hair day. You are beyond amazing. We love you guys.

Brittany said...

I want to hold that baby so bad! You are gorgeous by the way.


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