Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A few gems.

I've been keeping a log in my phone of funny things the girls say for... oh... probably a year now. Intending to put a couple on the blog every week or so.
 Obviously a smashing success. 
So while I'm thinking about it...
[They're a bit heavy on the Emily-isms. More Sydney to come. I promise.]

Emily: I'm hugging TWO hugs!

As my sister is heading out the door after visiting:
Emily: Don't forget your eyebrows!

Sydney used to give me a round of applause after I changed her diaper. And would then say, "Thank you, Mommy!"

Emily: "MOM! Dad's snitching the mom and kids stuff!" (Costco coupons)

Emily: Did you drop me off in heaven when you went to the temple to get married? And then picked me up after?

Kirby: (After the bedtime routine) Do you girls want your door closed? Or open a crack?
Sydney: I want a cracker!!

Emily's names of choice for Sam were:
"Hagrid Grandpa," "Raspberry Cupcake," and "Crab."

Sydney: "It's Mister Manda!" (Miss Amanda is Emily's preschool teacher.)

Emily: We don't like Pocahontas because she's an ALIEN PRINCESS.

Emily: I'm stretching out my legs so I can be taller than my sister! Look how long my legs are! If I keep doing this I won't even need a birthday!

Sydney: Minnie Mouse pancakes are my favorite color!

Both girls call DVDs "D-V-Deeves"
Both girls call cookies "Cyookees"
Emily calls nutcrackers "Nackers."
Computer = Picyooter.

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