Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Alphabet Thing-a-ma-bob

So, Meridith tagged me, and I figured why not! There is no D and no R, for some strange reason, but you'll get over it! :)

- Attached or Single—Very attached. ☺

B- Best Friends—Kirby, Mom, sisters, Meridith, and Sarah (they’re my bestest friends. I have too many “best” friends to write down!)

C- Cake or Pie—Pie, if it is apple or peach (but cobbler might win over pie,) but I’m a sucker for a good German Chocolate cake.

E-Essential item—camera (because you never know!)

F- Favorite Color—depends on the day, really. And I prefer color schemes over individual colors. Colors are so much cooler when they’re combined into a scheme.

G-Gummy Bears or Worms—definitely the bears.

H-Hometown—Orem, Utah.

I- Indulgence—sleeping in. ☺ Big time. And I love me a good shopping spree when I’m in the mood.

J-January or July—Neither, really. I prefer moderate temperatures. But if I had to choose I’d have to say July. Summer is a fun time.

K-Kids—Love em. Want em. ‘Nuff said.

L-Life is incomplete without—FAMILY (I copied Meridith on this one, but I have to agree.)

M- Marriage Date—December 28, 2006

N-Number of Siblings—two sisters, one brother, one brother-in-law

O-Oranges or Apples—Mmmmm… Oranges. ☺

P-Phobias or Fears—Drowning; Needing to do CPR on someone and freezing up; well, really… doing CPR on a stranger would be pretty freaky too… Even on someone you know! NEEDING TO DO CPR ON ANYONE!!!

Q-Quotes—“Any man who can kiss a pretty girl while driving is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves." –Albert Einstein-

S-Season—As previously mentioned, I love spring and fall. They are exciting seasons! Seasons of change. ☺

T-Tag three friends—Jewelyn, Sara, and Adriane.

U-Unknown fact—I’m “growing out” my hair.

V-Very favorite store—ETHAN ALLEN! Haha. Okay, Meridith. That was really mostly for you. I love furniture stores, where I can get interior design ideas. I love perusing jewelry stores, too, because I love sparkly things (although I never buy anything.) And I love wandering through Roberts, too, although I can rarely justify buying anything. Once We have a house and I am making good money with photography, I’m going to splurge there. ☺

W-Worst Habit—Tugging at my eyelashes (usually at night)

X-Xray or Ultrasound- X-ray? Ultrasound. No lead blanket necessary. Plus there are positive connotations. At least now. This one time in sixth grade I had to get an ultrasound because they thought I had appendicitis. I didn’t. But they made me drink over a quart of water and hold it for several hours. It was a rough day.

Y-You're favorite food—I love pasta with cream sauces. Especially stuffed ones. Mushroom ravioli is divine. But I also love me a good tender steak.

Z- Zodiac--Aries


Ashley said...

i wonder what long-haired lauren looks like!?

Jerry Jackman said...
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Meridith said...

Ha. I remember that rough day. :( Sad day. hehe

*Gosh. I seem to be always posting comments on my parents' blogger accounts. ;) Sorry about that.*

Liz said...

I still feel guilty about the eyelash habit. Will you ever forgive me? Isn't it weird that I influenced you in that way three years before we even became friends.... hmmm sorry sorry.


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