Monday, July 21, 2008

What I've Been Up To!!

So, aside from being super busy editing photos (which has been fantastic), my summer has been pretty chill so far! First of all, I go over to my mom's house most mornings to help her in the yard, after which I do pilates with my sister Adriane, who lives a couple blocks away. This little stinker can make that difficult sometimes! Especially when he is using this pacifier!

I have also had to keep tabs on my dear Kirby. This is what happens when I leave him alone.... And yes. That is my purse. And it's full.

At the end of June/beginning of July my family vacationed up at Aspen Grove. It was a lot of fun! Gregory discovered just how much he loves to swim!

And Kirby and I took a pottery class. Kirby was a natural. And I failed miserably. But it was fun!

My parents love reading up there. They are so cute. They read and take naps for their vacations. :)

Another toothy grin from my darling nephew...

And then, on July 5th, a guy in my aunt's ward in Pleasant Grove put on a fireworks show! It was sooo cool! He's a licensed pyrotechnician, so he can get a license from the city to light off REAL fireworks. :) It was amazing. The fireworks were literally right above us. It was magical, as cheesy as that sounds! Our friends Mark and Amy came with us.

Classic Mark.

So yeah. That's just a random sampler for you. I felt like I've been neglecting this blog, with all my new posts on my photo blog! So here you go! Hope you now feel refreshed!


Ashley said...

that pacifier is awesome!!!!

Nat said...

Uh oh. . .I just bought Mike that same shirt as your friend. Dark brown polo with the stripes. . .hope Mike doesn't see this post. . .

Lauren Davison said...

Hahaha. That's so funny! :)


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