Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving Pains

Okay, so really, it's awesome. Aside from our house being totally torn apart, of course. And it is. But it is so exciting! We will be moving into a place, rent free, but even more exciting--I CAN DECORATE! Walls will be painted. Furniture will be bought. And hopefully we will stay sane! The whole thing has really been stress-free for me--Kirby loves to pack (mostly because of how excited he is to move... oh, and rip out the hearth...) so he has been doing all the packing! He is much better at it than I am, mind you, and we both know it. He organized our two extra closets in the office, and they were perfectly packed. Very impressive. Everything is organized, and labeled in their boxes, and all that is really left is our bedroom (mostly our clothing), all of our kitchen stuff, and our computers and the stuff littering our desks. :) So crazy. Our living room is barren and mildly depressing. Our closets are empty. My studio equipment is packed away.

BUT--here's an exciting thought! We will have two bedrooms in the basement we're moving to, and rather than put our office in the extra bedroom like we have it now, the extra bedroom will be solely my studio! No more taking down lights, no trying to match anything with that ugly green carpet! And I had a brilliant idea! I am going to paint each wall a different fun color! I have seen some studio shots where the person is just in front of a colored wall--pink, purple, blue... And they are really cute! So I will probably do one pink (because if I want to, that's also easy to change to purple, etc. in photoshop,) and a blue one (easy to change to green), and perhaps an orange one. The fourth wall is really a closet and I think I will try and hang my backdrops in front of that. Then my props will be in the closet, fairly easily accessible, and I will have just expanded my background options by three colors. Really more than three, when you think about all the possibilities Photoshop creates.

Joyful tidbit--Kirby and I bought end tables today. We went up to IKEA and wandered around their dizzying showroom (don't get me wrong, it was awesome, just a lot to take in!), and then left mildly impressed with some of their furniture. A lot of it looked cool, but didn't feel particularly sturdy or quality-y. On our way to stop at Smiths on our way home from Macy's (where we finally bought Kirby much needed Sunday apparel--new pants, five new shirts, four ties, and six pairs of nice thick black socks--they will be his first matching pairs of socks since I have known him! Yeah we splurged. But it was sorely needed.) we saw the RC Willey Outlet store. :) So we ventured in. And in the clearance section we found two matching end tables that we fell in love with! And they were only $40 each! AND they were good quality, and only a teensy bit dinged up, and did I mention beautiful! They are in the corner of our kitchen, awaiting the moving van, so the pictures will have to wait. :) But they will come.

AND--at RC Willey we loved just about every kitchen table we saw, at affordable prices, I might add, as well as some cool desks! And desks will be the next furnishing items we buy. But patience is a virtue, right? Basically, all in all--we are stoked. And we can't wait for Wednesday to come! :)


Anonymous said...

Moving is so much fun! good luck with everything! the best thing about you guys moving is... We still get to play!!!! yay!!! haha p.s. lovin the hair... even though you're getting it cut to grow it out? idk. anyways. always lovin you ;)

Jewelyn said...

Kirby says the move is over!! Congrats!! Hope everything is going well!

Amy Jane said...

Yay for moving, how exciting. And your own studio, how awesome! I like the different colored wall'll have to post picts :)

Lisa said...

Lauren. You seem like just the girl to help me with my last post with a desperate cry for help decorating. You'll have to post pictures of your work when you're all moved in a decorated! :)

elise and jeff said...

So sad ya'll are moving :(
Let us know if we can help some how!


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