Thursday, September 18, 2008


I learned something new and amazing tonight as I continued my medical transcription course. I learned what the purpose of earwax is...

It serves as an insect repellent!

Which, really, makes sense! THANK YOU, Heavenly Father, for thinking of the little things--namely bugs and spiders--that would love to crawl inside my warm, vasculated ears to lay their precious little eggs. THANK YOU for my brilliant body that produces its own bug repellent to keep that from happening!

I have heard the spider statistic many times--you know, the one about how many drowned spiders we end up ingesting by sleeping with our mouths open? Yuck. But still--that's just eating them. They wind up in your stomach and are digested by hydrochloric acid. Woohoo!

But the thought of a spider crawling into my ear and laying its eggs----AAAAAGH! I shudder to think of it! It is still weirding me out. And yes, thanks to my new knowledge I know that will never happen, thanks to my earwax--and yet.... the thought still makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Uuuugghuuugh... (that is the sound of a shudder...)


elise and jeff said...

Thanks for that interesting information :) Seriously though that's pretty amazing and HELLo my mom was a medical transcriptionist for over 5 years :)

beapinkal said...

That is interesting! Hay i have a question! Do you think you can take our family picture on the Conference weekend? On Saturday after conference? If you don't want to do it because it's conference i understand. Just let me know! Also we would like to do both your studio and outside as well. Do you have any good place in mind for cute outside pictures? Because i don't:)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA so i totally was telling my sister about the ear wax thing & she was like "I'm never going to clean my ears out ever again!" HAHAHA i told her that her extent of appreciation wasn't necessary lol


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