Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Yup. My left hand is now minus one ring. Bummer? Yeah. Big time.

My diamond fell out of my setting. But before you panic--it fell out in my hand. Lucky? Probably not. Blessed? Most definitely. I figured we would be covered under some kind of warranty at the jeweler we bought it from, but apparently repairs aren't included--which, I guess, makes sense. That's what their "insurance" is for, right? PSH. Still, I figured the price would be manageable--after all, they just had to repair the PRONGS.


Apparently I am incredibly rough on my ring? How? I don't know. They couldn't figure it out either. They asked me lots of questions, though...

What do you do for your job? Uhhh... photographer?
Do you sleep with your ring on? Nope.
Are you sticking your hand in your pocket all the time? Nope. I purposefully switched my chapstick to my right pocket when I got engaged to avoid such things--I hate when my ring catches on stuff.

No, I don't chew on my ring, no I don't use it to grind flour, and no, I don't use it to cut glass at my secret underground stained glass factory.

You get the idea. But regardless of why all--yes, ALL--of my prongs were either worn down to nubs, hanging by a shard, or broken completely, the repair ultimately has to made. However, I have a hard time paying an average of $30 per prong to fix my ring. Maybe I'm stingy. Maybe I have no concept of how expensive jewelry repairs normally are. But I can't bring myself to do it.

Thus--My anniversary band is riding solo for now.


Kristin Hanson said...

Um, that's one crappy jewler if you ask me!! My engagement ring isn't the best (I recently took it over to Wilson's to have it looked at and sized) - the jewler we bought it from chipped the stone when they put it in and took a bunch of shortcuts with making my setting. BUT my prongs are fine. They'll need to be replaced in the next 5 years, but it's already 4 years old... So, yeah, find yourselves a new jewler :) or at the very least, have another jewler look at it to see if the prongs really are that worn down.

Amy Jane said...

Ah, total bummer! You seem to be taking it pretty well though. I probably would have either yelled at that jewler or started crying, that's how lame I am ;)

Sarah said...

wow. i had no idea it was so expensive to fix prongs. i'm glad you didn't lose your diamond though. that would be horrible!

(and things for me are so good. i'm glad i found that you have a blog, thanks to amy's blog. how are you?)

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Okay, You have convinced me. I keep putting it of to get my ring checked and cleaned. But I think after hearing about yours I will get it checked today.

Meridith said...

Dang, I could have sworn you used your ring in your stained glass factory...

My bad.

Bobby and Melissa said...

I am glad your diamond didn't get lost! Hey, you should check around and find out how much other places would charge, cause when I've had mine replaced I don't think they cost THAT much!

Adriane said...

I was there. I'm pretty sure something shady was going on...or...nope. She was just standing there basically. Dumb ring people.


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