Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Feelings About Family

I have been avoiding writing a post about this, not because I don't know how I feel about it, but because I hate getting involved in political issues where there is little or no respect for my beliefs. But it's time. I need to share.

I will always defend the family for several reasons. First of all, the family unit, with a mother and a father, is instituted of God. Secondly, without a family, sealed for time and all eternity, we would have no purpose here on earth. I know we all have divine potential to become gods and goddesses, and that that is the purpose for our mortal existence. To achieve that end we needed bodies--thus, our mortal existence. But we also need the sealing power that our temple covenants provide.

I had a little spark of personal revelation the other day. I was thinking about the whole Prop 8 issue, and my mind eventually drifted to Latter-day Saint families. I chuckled to myself a bit about how we are notoriously known for our enormous families--and then it hit me. Each child brought into this life by a mother and father who love the Lord, is one more child that will be raised in the light of the Gospel. I had never thought about this before. There are so many homes where families are being torn apart, and where children are not safe, whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually. And for each child we bring to our families, the is one more child who is born into a safe haven. No longer will my perception of how many children I can handle be based on what I feel is a "nice round number." My view of parents, and what my role will eventually be as a mother, will never be the same. I think I understand a little better the daunting, yet beautiful responsibility that is parenthood.

Up until now the family was under attack, but indirectly. The media showed dysfunctional families as normal, acceptable, and almost desirable. Marriage was portrayed as an option, and often as a sign of weakness. A powerful force against the family, yes, but nothing like we have seen this past week.

It saddens me to see people who have no understanding of the sacredness of the family, shouting angrily outside of our temples. Needing someone to blame, they have turned their angry faces towards us because we stood up for the truth. We were strong and declared our beliefs honestly. But what saddens me even more are those in the church who are protesting. There were BYU students (members of the Church) who were rallying groups to go protest at the Salt Lake Temple. I have a firm testimony in our Prophet, and acting directly contrary to his counsel is not somewhere I would want to be. It brings the parable of the ten virgins to life for me. Up until now it has always been hard for me to imagine that half of the Lord's church would be unprepared at his coming. But now, as I come to a better understanding of what the future will be like for the Church, it is beginning to make more sense. It is so important that we cling to the Prophet's words.

I have a testimony of family. I love the Gospel, and I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know it is the one church on the earth today with the complete truth. I love temples, and I know that the work we do there is vital to our salvation. I know we have a prophet on the earth today--Thomas S. Monson--and I am thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with one. It would be terrifying to live in a time like this without a watchman on the tower. I am so thankful for the truth. Families are forever.


Anonymous said...

beautifully said lauren. thank you.

Meli said...

Yeah, I agree 1100000% with you!!
Families are forever!

Megan said...

Very well said, Lauren! Thank you for sharing your testimony about eternal families

Sarah said...

thanks for your words. i agree with you completely and i think it's going to be more and more important for us to speak out about what we believe.

Meridith said...

It has been so interesting to be in a Church History class this semester and see the parallels between those that fell away from the church in Kirtland and those protesters today.

We've seen this before. Look what happened.

Bobby and Melissa said...

Amen, Lauren, Amen!!!

Ashley said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts lauren!!

Adriane said...

<3. (that's a heart. look at it sideways. squint a little. yep, there it it.)

and that's my sister! I love you.


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