Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Latest...

To any of you who may have inquired about my goings-on in the last five months I must apologize. For chances are pretty good that I either lied to you, or made my life sound really boring.

The good news is that Kirby and I now feel it has been a sufficient amount of time to be honest with the world. :) Come November 1st (or there-abouts) we will me meeting our little girl face to face.



Surprise, surprise!

To those who may feel slighted at not being informed earlier, lemme 'splain. After three miscarriages we wanted to limit the number of people we had to tell bad news to if pregnancy #4 went south. So we agreed it would stay under wraps until our 20 week ultrasound.

So there you have it. I am over halfway there, now! HOLLA!

And just because an announcement like this would seem incomplete without pictures of some kind...

Unfortunately for us, our stubborn little girl was lying face down for most of the ultrasound. We were able to poke her enough to get her to sort-of roll almost on to her side, but to no avail. Additionally, when she did roll a teensy bit, her chin was also tucked tightly into her chest. She's a daddy's girl, that one. I would share a picture of Kirby's signature funny face, but I couldn't find one! For those of you who have seen it, it's probably burned into your memory forever, and for those of you who haven't... well... You'll just have to ask him about it sometime! SO--Believe it or not, this is the best view of her face we could manage. It's mostly skull. We have to wait another month to try again to see the profile...

Because we love little baby toes!

She may have been shy about showing us her face, but she was all about showin' off those guns! Daddy's girl indeed. Not only has she mastered his signature funny face, but she's inherited his musculature! :)

Yup. She was all about showing off her calves and hamstrings, too. Flex and release... flex and release...

I'm not really sure how to end a post like this.

Perhaps with a...



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