Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News and Bad News...

Good News: We got to see our little girl again yesterday, and she is still a girl! ;) She's weighing in at 1 pound, 11 oz and is growing.

Bad News: She was still being a little stinker which meant no profile shot. Bummer. (Yes, Erin, I am a tiny bit jealous of the profile shot of Lil' on your blog...)

Good News: I got my first kick in the rib region not one minute ago. It was a pretty decent kick--not painful, but rather impressive.

Bad News: The kicks to the ribs are just going to get harder. :) And hey--she must have finally rolled over to her back if she's kicking me up there... One day too late...

Good News: Our cutie seems to be taking after her daddy. First of all, she's pretty stubborn. Secondly, she's a tummy sleeper. Thirdly, she's got some mightily impressive guns! (See the post below for proof if you haven't seen it yet or have forgotten...) Hopefully this means she will also get his perfect eyesight, his incredible metabolism, and his beautiful eyes! :)

Super Good News: I found a crazy-amazing deal on a crib and changing table from some people moving to New York. Not to mention we also got a cradle swing, bouncer, and jumper in the package! It's such a relief to have some baby stuff! It makes it feel that much more real!

Bad News: I'm exhausted right now and am going to go to bed, rather than think of more news. Maybe my creative juices will return tomorrow. :)


Erin_C said...

The big kicks are actually fun. Especially when her movements actually make your whole body move! Whats really fun is when Lil wedges her feet up in my rib cage, restricting my breathing. Its a blast;-)

Exciting about your baby gear! Its so fun to start getting stuff and thinking about how there is actually going to be a tiny person using it all!

Jewelyn said...

Love ALL the good news!! hooray!

Amy Jane said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Having a little girl will be such a blast!


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