Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This morning was a pretty ordinary summer morning. Mostly. Kirby's getting over a cold, so he slept in a little longer than normal, but other than that, nothing new. I took a shower like normal, and began blow drying my hair--like normal.

*Cue the rhythmic sound of a hair dryer*

I happened to glance up a bit in the mirror and realized---

I was not alone.


was watching me.

Upon realizing he had been discovered, he tried to make his escape out the back way...

Little did he know that I am trained in the art of arachno-extirpation... My first instinct was to grab the vacuum, but due to the teasing I got from Kirby last time I used that method (I was home alone, and had THREE encounters!! Can you blame me? I kept the vacuum out the rest of the weekend he was gone, just in case...), I opted to try a different approach.

I grabbed the critical ingredients to my special cocktail:

Hairspray... and 409.

I hadn't ever actually used 409 before, but I figured it smells toxic to me, so it has to do something harmful to spiders...

I hit him hard with the 409 first. To my great astonishment, it had very little effect. Exoskeleton, perhaps? It appeared to irritate me more than him! So I used my trusty fallback--hairspray. Not sure exactly if it kills them, or just freezes them, but either way, it immobilizes them.

And rather than clean the job up with the vacuum, I coaxed him onto a piece of paper (a full sheet of paper, mind you... Keeping your distance from such criminal intruders is a necessary safety precaution...) and flushed him down the toilet.

Round and round and round he went.

Better luck next time.


Sarah said...

ugh. that's a nasty spider. way to keep your wits about you. i probably wouldn't have.

Rachel said...

We, well I guess I, have had some rather disgusting encounters with spiders recently. One was big and red, one crawled over my foot, and there have been others! The worst encounter wasn't with a spider: I put on my workout shirt and a few minutes laterI elt a little tickle on my chest. I looked down and THERE WAS A MOTH flapping around in there!! Yeah, I started jumping and shaking my shirt until it came out! Then I ran out of the bathroom and had Nick kill it when he got up. So horrifying!

Jewelyn said...

oh my goodness. makes me nauseous just looking at it!!! way to go.

Lisa said...

AAaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! <--Was my reaction to the *photo* of him, let alone the live version. Good thing it was you and not me! I would still be running around screaming.

Lauren Davison said...

It's strange how when I'm home alone and I have to be the one to deal with it, I do okay. If Kirby had been home I probably WOULD have run from the room screaming! :)

Adriane said...

I am shivering right now. YUCK!! That is NOT a nice spider. After you told me about this I had a little spider come and try to get me while I was feeding Isaac. (Always when I'm vulnerable). He was tiptoeing. TIPTOEING!!! Do spiders have toes?

Stacey said...

EWWWWW that guy was disgusting! I would cried I think ;)


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