Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Big Day

Well, tomorrow's the big day.

Emily and I are flying to Utah.


I'm a little bit nervous. Not too bad. We've already been on two flights together, but Kirby was there. I knew that I could depend on him to keep me from stressing out if Emily broke down. Which she didn't. She did so well. 
I'll tell you all about our Texas trip when I get back from Utah!

I just hope she does as well tomorrow morning! 
We're taking off at 5:30am--that's 3:30am Utah time! :) 
I'll need to be up in a little less than seven hours, so I'm gonna skidaddle and hang out with the hubby.

Wish me luck!


Melanie said...

Flying with kids is always an unknown- good luck! Have fun in Utah!

Amy said...

Hey, you should be here by now!! Welcome back to Utah! I hope the flight went well.


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