Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dish Security

Kirby is the Dishman.
He does the dishes.
Have I mentioned that I love this man?

Emily is Dish security.
She makes sure the area around the sink is secure.

A formidable task, indeed, for one so small.

Security is most important around the feet of the Dishman, so she spends much of her time scouting that region.

She must also make sure the dishwasher remains closed, so the Dishman doesn't accidentally misplace the dishes he is handwashing...

The proper Dish Security defensive stance
No one's getting past that!

Rewarding herself after a successful, secure, dishwashing.

Hey, it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

dang cute! and Funny too! I love your pictures they are amazing!

Meridith said...

Darling. :)

Amy said...

Ha! Love it! Well done Emily. Oh, and Kirby too, love a man who washes!

Adriane said...

Hahahaha. I love. Someday, if I get an awesome camera, will you teach me how to take pictures like that?
k thanks.


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