Friday, December 31, 2010

The Skinny.

We're stranded.

Well, not really. We arrived safe and sound in Vancouver, got our keys to our apartment, and then discovered that our truck STILL hadn't left Salt Lake City. 


We had spent 2 days driving through snow storms and treacherous conditions in our small 2-wheel-drive vehicle, only to have some weak-sauce professional driver decide to stay in Salt Lake City!? 
The irony is that because the truck waited, as opposed to leaving when we left, it probably had a harder time of it--the storm in the blue mountains only got worse. The morning after we passed through it was completely closed off. It made for very empty roads for us, since there was no one else getting through west-bound I-84.

Okay--to be fair, I don't know the whole story. But considering they were originally estimating our truck would get to Vancouver on Thursday, I feel like my frustration is justified. The lady on the phone told Kirby that they would do all in their power to get our trailer to us this weekend.

Our truck is in Portland now. It arrived late this afternoon. Great, we thought. We'll be able to unload tomorrow morning. Just a day later than we'd planned. Not too bad. The panic of not having anything to wear to church on Sunday subsided. 

Kirby called the company to try and arrange a specific time for the truck to be dropped off tomorrow. And apparently it can't be dropped off until Monday? Oh wait, maybe they can get it to us on Sunday? Call on Sunday and they'll see what they can do. 

...resume panic about Sunday...

Admittedly, it's not as bad as it could be. We could be staying in a hotel, dishing out a good chunk of money for four nights hoping and wondering if we'd actually get the trailer on Monday. Instead, we are at the in-laws.

Have I mentioned that Kirby starts work on Monday? We're going to have to do all the unpacking AFTER his first day of work, most likely. Another hard thing is that Kirby's family were all prepared to help us unload the truck this weekend--but it's unclear who will be able to help once Monday comes.

One good thing has come from the delay. I have had nothing to do besides read the entire first book of the Hunger Games series. Loved it. Although there were times I wanted to slap Katniss upside the head. Clueless.


Adriane said...

Oh my gosh. I hope they give some of your money back! I know that the weather is ridiculous, but still. It's a little important to have your stuff. And isn't that the point of having a moving company move your stuff? I'm steamed for you. And I love you. And of course, I miss you.

Amy said...

Oh Dear!!! Unbelievable. Hey, how about we come up and help you guys?! Woot. That would be awesome. Get some pictures for me! Good luck. Miss you guys already. Lots and lots.

Ashley said...

2nd book is even better!! =) Hope you were able to get all your stuff... that is so frustrating! I can't believe you guys in in washington!

Bobby and Melissa said...

crazy!! Gotta love what life throws ya, right? ;)
Oh I loved The Hunger Games series! I just finished it last month.
Hope all is getting better for you :)

Mari said...

So my mom left you a couple comments on an older post and I thought I would say hi! She and I came across your blog from mod podge rocks and got excited because we seem destined to be friends!

Ok, maybe that's assuming a little much :) However, my husband works at nLight too, we are lds, and I have a son who I think is about the same age as your daughter.

I just remember when we first moved here how much I missed Utah and my friends, and I just wanted to say if you are looking for a friend you can get in touch with me!

Ok, I'll stop being creepy now. I've probably already said too much.

Welcome to Vancouver!

-Mari Lowder


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