Thursday, December 23, 2010

Vancouver--It's Coming.

One week from right now we will be getting the keys to our new apartment in Vancouver, WA. 

Happy and sad feelings.

What I will miss:
Zumba with Adriane. 
I don't know if Zumba will be the same without Tanya, either.
All the wonderful friends I've made through my photography.
(But no snow can be nice, too, depending on the season.)
Free rent.
(Hopefully we'll still be able to watch football games.)
The sun.
My primary kids.
The young women in my ward.
Our huge pantry. Where will be put our food storage!?
Did I mention my FAMILY!?

What I'm Looking Forward To:
The adventure.
A much younger ward.
No state income tax.
No sales tax across the border in Portland.
Starting fresh with my photography. New Pricing. New clients. New locations.
Milder summers and milder winters.
Fresh start with the design of our home. 
I liked what I did to our place in Orem, but a lot of my tastes have changed. Plus it's always fun to try something different. :)
A salaried job.
Cheaper health insurance.
All the greenery.
Getting to know Kirby's family better.
No preconceived notions about who we are, or what we're like.
Half of the people in our ward right now knew me and my family when I was born and growing up. 
So a lot of them think they know me really well, even though they haven't actually spoken to me in 10+ years...

Our apartment is at least half packed already. We successfully sold both of our office desks. The corner of the kitchen where Kirby's desk used to be is now piled high with boxes. Food storage is packed. Emily's room is packed. All our books are packed. Journals, photo albums, board games--all packed. I'm typing from a makeshift desk in the corner. All the photos and artwork is off the walls. Curtains are down. It looks so sterile in here. 

But I am so thankful right now to have a husband who loves to pack. Seriously. I have zero motivation to do anything productive, and yet half our house is packed brilliantly. I'm sure I'll be much more helpful when it comes time to unpack. :)


April said...

wow - exciting and sad - good luck! you guys are going to do great things!

meagan said...

Change is always a little crazy but SO exciting too! I'm excited to hear all about your adventure!

Oh, and a husband that loves to pack? You struck GOLD there! (:

Melanie said...

Mmmm... Zupas- I still miss it! Good luck in your move- what an adventure!

LHammer said...

Hi Lauren - stumbled onto your blog and just thought I'd let you know my daughter lives in Vancouver WA--new job for her hubby after life at BYU. If you want to contact her let me know. She loves to craft and has a craft day once a week.

Love Zupas too- you should check out pudding on the rice in Portland. Their chocolate pudding is divine.

LHammer said...

I hope I'm not sounding like a stalker here :-) but I just noticed that your husband's job is with NLight--which is where my daughter's husband works too! You can email me if you would like their names.


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