Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe


Emily and I ventured into downtown Portland today.

Portland is insanely cool.
Also--Portland is just plain insane. 

I thought the pedestrian situation in Provo was bad...

The main purpose for our field trip to Portland was to make a return to Eddie Bauer, which is about a mile from Tropical Smoothie. So... naturally... we had to stop there first to make sure we went before Emily started to break down. The plan was that we'd take our smoothies to the Lloyd Center mall afterwards and walk around after making the return.

We didn't make it to Eddie Bauer. 

I searched on our GPS for Eddie Bauer, because I wrote down instructions to the Lloyd Center from our place in Vancouver instead of the actual address. It said there was an Eddie Bauer even closer, so I tried to find it. Maybe I did. All I know was there was zero parking and had no desire to try and find any. Again. So I looked to find the one I originally wanted to go to, and saw that there was supposedly one right in Vancouver (which the Eddie Bauer site failed to show.)

Awesome, I thought. I'll go there where I know there will be a parking lot. And Emily could even take her nap first. 

There's no Eddie Bauer in Portland. 
(A similar situation happened with Tropical Smoothie--there USED to be one in Vancouver, and certain search systems still think there is...)


Tropical Smoothie was great. Such a cool location!

Love all the windows. Love the high ceilings. I'd totally hang out here all the time if I lived in Portland.

Check this out--they had a lil' kid sized booth! Emily was a big fan.

Um, yeah. She looks miserable. But she was so thrilled to have her own lil' smoothie!

Clearly, drinking smoothies is a very serious business. No time to smile.

Me and my Bahama Mama. Yum.

Oh so fabulous.


Jewelyn said...

oh my! it's so nice and sunny there! smoothies look awesome and that baby booth is adorable! love it. you are welcome to the owls! i thought it would make a cute hanging too.

Meridith said...

You're so cute.

The Ranson Family said...

That little kid booth looks so cute! Ethan would have loved that. Your smoothie looks really good too.


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