Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sometimes... is just awesome. 

There's nothing like winning a giveaway to give me a perma-high for a week. 
Every time I think about it I get giddy!

Here's what I won!

I'm pretty sure I've told you about Mommy Necklaces before.
They're nursing necklaces that are super durable, made of non-toxic USA beads, with a "breakaway" clasp that will release when pulled on particularly hard, thus eliminating the risk of the necklace breaking. They also have a three year guarantee. You can even send your necklaces back after a year and they'll clean them and buff them up good as new if you want! Plus, the color schemes and beads are just plain gorgeous. And they are extremely customizable.
No, a shameless plug for MN is not required for me to receive this necklace. I just think they're fabulous.

Love them.

And I "like" their page on Facebook. That's how I won this gorgeous necklace and accent strand.
The ladies at Mommy Necklaces love to do giveaways through Facebook, so any time they make an "oops" necklace (too long/short/wrong colored donut, etc.), they'll post about it on their wall, and usually all you have to do is "like" that post and you're entered to win. 

In this case, the owner of Mommy Necklaces was just experimenting with the beads and came up with this beauty. She's dubbed it the "Just Because" necklace. 

It is the only one of its kind! Usually the giveaways are of collections (color schemes) they offer on their website, but not this one!

I feel so special!
And lucky.


Jewelyn said...

congrats! so are those the stretchy ones... like the one you have? pretty cool.

Lauren Davison said...

I have a couple of them, but no they aren't stretchy... But they ARE supah-sweet!

Stacey said...


Mari said...

CUTE! Way to be a winner!

Adriane said...

You are so incredibly lucky and AWESOME!!! And I LOVE that necklace!


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