Saturday, June 7, 2008

Recent Injuries... Not for the Faint of Heart...

So, Kirby is playing on the Senior MTC's soccer team in the MTC soccer tournament (the media crew didn't have enough interested in playing, so he's playing for a different department.) During the first game, he made a courageous goal attempt and in the process slid underneath the goalie, doing this to his leg:

Later on the the game Kirby came running up to me saying, "Take another picture!" And it turns out he had done this to his other leg:

So after the game we went to our friends apartment because they own some hydrogen peroxide. (We only ever go there when they have something we need to use. Hahaha. Just kidding.) Anyways! This is Dr. Curtis (Mark and Amy's resident doctor) overseeing the use of the hydrogen peroxide. We weren't allowed to use it until we cleaned all the rubber bits (from the astro-turf) out of his wound.

Mark and Amy had some funky tool we used like tweezers to pick the rubber bits out. Not an easy task considering Kirby's legs are like a jungle.

On a side note, here's a wound I received about a week before Kirby's. I got it caught on our DVD player. A bit of a mystery, really, but pretty sweet looking!

This is the wound about a week later, after it stopped oozing.

Back to Kirby's wound... This is what it looked like after a couple days.

After another couple days...

This is from about the same time as the picture above, but this is to show how his leg swelled up. We're not really sure why it looks like this because he wrapped the whole leg for a day or two so he could walk (and play racquetball) comfortably, and when we got home we busted up laughing when we saw this...

For everyone concerned: Kirby's leg is doing fine. It is now just a giant scab that he likes to show off. Ask him to show it to you sometime! It's rather impressive. :)


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Lauren, you crazy kids need more supervision! j/k, actually, I wish I were athletic enough to get injured like that.


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