Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remember When It Was Christmas?

Yeah. Me too.

We decided to try decorating our own stockings this year.
Loved it. 
Isn't Kirby's awesome? It's a rollerblade. :)

We didn't have room for a tree in our little place, so I improvised.
Emily loved those lights. 

Kirby took the entire week between Christmas and New Years off, plus a couple days before.
Bring on the media overload. 
Fate. Mythbusters. Chips & Salsa.

Teaching Emily how to media overload in style. 

Random shot from a Christmas shopping excursion. 

This picture cracks me up.
How BORED does Sydney look here!? 
"Yeah yeah. This happens ALL the time..." 

 I love this shot of Emily's toes. I have one just like it from when she was only 2 months old. 
Blast. I was gonna do a side-by-side, but can't find it right now...


Amy said...

Love it all! Where did you get that pink chair?! The one we found at Costco only came in brown. Jealous! :)


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