Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Rude Awakening.

This morning I was awakened by Emily smearing chapstick all over the lip region of my face. 
Who knows how long she had been doing it. I am a VERY deep sleeper. 

Just ask Kirby.
Or any of my girlfriends from high school.

She was talking softly and gently to me, but either I was too tired to discern what she was saying, or she was speaking her own little secret language. 

I will be blaming her for any future breakouts in that region for the next three weeks. 

Well, chapstick--we had a good run. 
Looks like you won't be spending nights on my bedside table anymore. 

I know. I know.


Meridith said...

Ha! Yes, yes you are. :)

April said...

haha, kids are too funny!


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