Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.

Please note: I do not watch the tv show Family Guy, nor do I recommend watching it, judging by the "suggested" movies on the side bar of Youtube. Looks dirty. 
(No offense if it is your favorite show.)

That being said--

At the end of today I felt a lot like this:

 Ah. That's better.


Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

I hate watching that show, but I LOVE some of the clips. Forrest doesn't even talk yet, but I still think I know this feeling ;-)

Adriane said...

I hear you. http://www.babyblues.com/archive/index.php?formname=getstrip&GoToDay=11/13/2011 LOVE this comic. The beginning of the strip in the paper had mom and dad standing next to each other. His shirt just said "Dad" and hers says "Mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom" etc. LOVE

Katie Rod said...

Yes, I have had a few too many days like that. My mother in law uses this for her ringtone...just realized where it came from now!

The Original TomKat said...



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