Saturday, January 30, 2010



I have this giant mysterious goose egg on my right hand, right about where the fleshy muscle between the thumb and forefinger are. Weird. And it hurts like crazy.

Not as bad as when I got up at 4 to feed Emily, though.

The craziest part? I have no idea how I did it.


I vaguely remember noticing that part of my hand was achy last night, and feeling it to try and figure out why, and then getting distracted by something. The only problem, though, is that I can't remember when it was, which means I could have been dreaming about it. I sleep talk occasionally, and those are usually the dreams I can remember and in my dreams I'm usually doing something very every-day ish, so it feels super real.

So it's just annoyting mostly. Yes--I know I just wrote "annoyting". Sounds funny, though, so I'm keeping it. It feels funny to type, and do anything that involves gripping.

Hum. Oh well. The mystery continues...


Adriane said...

weird! sleepwalking, anyone?

Rachel said...

I had a weird thing last night too. Nick told me at about midnight I was kick and thrashing pretty hardcore. He thinks I was warm and tried getting the blanket off, and I vaguely remember something, but its a mystery to me! Maybe it was the full moon...spooky!

Nat said...

I bet it's a spider bite. When I used to live in a basement, I would get them on my hands all the time around this time of year (reaching under beds, steps, etc - but you don't usually feel the bite)

Lauren Davison said...

EW! I hope not! Even if I didn't see the spider it still makes me ickied out! Bleh!


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