Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's up...

I got a new cover thingy for my iPod. It's pink. :)

I love redeeming gift certificates.

Emily is great at getting to sleep by herself in her crib. Pops that thumb in her mouth, and five minutes later she's out. Of course, this makes Sundays tough. At church? No crib? She eats, hangs out, gets tired, and then won't fall asleep. And what happens when she won't fall asleep? Oh, I think you know.

Getting reorganized. Love.

Kirby sometimes steals Emily's rag quilt. So I'm making him his own. Only... it's going to be pink and green paisley with green polka dots. Hum. He said I could pick the fabric! :)

I love matstacks. Nuff said.

We had visitors for Christmas. Emily got to meet her Grandma and Grandpa D!

Grandpa D got Emily this darling OSU dress. She loves it, see?? Technically we got this dress from Grandpa a while ago, but it didn't fit at first, and then there was the Las Vegas bowl where BYU played OSU, so we had to hide it for a week or so... ;)

It came complete with the diaper cover...

We had a lot of fun! Although Emily wasn't quite satisfied with her hand in Phase 10. :)

Remember that big snow storm a couple weeks back? Well, Kirby and Emily shoveled the driveway...



Jewelyn said...

haha love the snow shoveling! She is so cute!

Rachel said...

She is so cute in her dress and shoveling with Kirby! How exciting that the grandparents got to visit!

Adriane said...

tee hee hee
love you guys


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