Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily!

So this one time I dreamed up all sorts of darling poses to put my baby girl in. I searched for the perfect props, waddling around JoAnn's fairly often during the last month or so of my pregnancy. But the truth is--it takes a lot of effort to set up poses with newborns, PLUS the studio is now shared space with a crib and changing table. So.... The lights usually live in the closet, and usually by the time I get them set up, Emily's mood has changed and is no longer available for pictures. So studio shots haven't really happened. I kept beating myself up over this, so I finally decided to just keep my 5D out in the living room and take more candid shots. Easier. Plus they feel more real to me. So here are her two month birthday pictures! :)

Are you intimidated? I was. :)

Blurry, yes, but darling all the same. :)

The end of the tutu-ing. And yes. She's crying. But I love it.


Jewelyn said...

so cute! great photographer and great subject!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Oh she is so dange cute! I love all that pink!

Mercedes said...

I like the major, it's been a lot more interesting than I thought! You're little girl's super adorable :) Sometime we'll have to have you do a photo shoot of Lucy!

Ashley said...

two months already?! no way! she's a doll!

The Ranson Family said...

Love the pictures! Give me a call whenever you have time for visitors. I really think it is about time for Emily and Ethan to meet.

April said...

Oh, she is so so cute! Isn't it so fun to be a mom? We need to get together. :) Love your blog and I'm excited to read it! :)


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