Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picture Overload

So, due to my blogging failure the past month, I have a stockpile of pictures I was planning on posting little by little. But I'm just gonna pile them all on here. :)

Cute lil' feets. I'm such a sucker for baby feet!

Self portrait. I need more pictures of me with Emily!

Who wants to do laundry (notice in the background) when you could play with this cutie all day!?

Count those chins. BooYah.

I love her squishy scowl!

We got a bathrobe and slippers from a friend of Kirby's. Still too big, but super cute! Love!

This is usually the kind of expression we get from her when she's in her carseat. It's as if she is trying to say, "Seriously?"

The notorious reading chair! :) Oh yeah. Remember how I mentioned in a recent post how Kirby sometimes steals Emily's quilt? Here is proof!


Adriane said...

If I start stealing Em's quilt, will you make ME one? :P


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