Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Insanity that Was :: Part III (The UTAH Chapter...)

So. We got back from Texas on Tuesday, the 22nd of June. That Sunday--the 27th, Emily and I were back on a plane headed to Utah! I had a wedding to shoot on July 1st, and I needed to be there early for some photography stuff related to the wedding, so I ended up spending a whole week there. 

Loved it.

Funny, though--I originally thought, "Wow! A whole week? What am I going to do with all that time?"


As it turns out I was running from one thing to the next the whole time! Between shooting bridals, a photo session at the temple before the wedding day, editing said photos in time for the bride to pick one for her announcement which would be sent out the day after the wedding, shooting the wedding, a doctors appointment for Emily, haircut for me, lunch with some of the incredibly fabulous lady friends, getting my glasses straightened and my ring re-plated and cleaned, an engagement session and a  senior session--PLUS all the family stuff? PHEW! I needed an extra 5 hours (AT LEAST) added on to my days!

A huge shout out goes to my mom for taking care of Emily when I couldn't be around--not to mention letting me use a car! 
And to Adriane for saving me in a tight situation! I couldn't have survived without you guys...

My not-so-little-anymore nephew Gregory had a birthday party while I was there! So fun! 
I can't believe he's THREE!

Emily and Isaac particularly enjoyed their cake.

Can you tell?
No, I didn't give Emily a whole piece of cake... Just a couple of tastes... ;)
p.s. please take note of the FABULOUSLY STRAIGHT glasses. 

I LOVED watching Isaac and Emily play together now that Emily can crawl around!

To Be Continued...


Annegirl said...

Sometimes... I wish I could relish life and enjoy cake with the enthusiasm of a one-year-old with chocolate plastered from his cheekbones down.

That is all.


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