Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yeah. Pictures are edited. 

And coming.

But meanwhile--check this out. 
If you haven't already, of course. 

It was posted three days ago, and already has over 900,000 views!

Huzzah, BYU! 

And if you thought this was funny, but didn't know the original reference (like me...) look up "Old Spice. The man your man could smell like" commercial on YouTube.


Adriane said...

Did I mention I adore this? I laughed for a million years at the original "I'm on a horse." I will continue to laugh for a million years at "I'm on a cart." Sigh.

This guy is HILARIOUS. Remember how they started having people do adds and contests at the BYU Volleyball games? And there's that one really short guy that's really annoying but thinks he's awesome (and if anyone knows him/you are him, I'm sorry). One night though, there was THIS guy doing it and it was much funnier. That's all.


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