Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Insanity that Was :: Part IV (NASA, Aquariums, and Sickies)

I was lucky enough to have my family (minus the Richardson clan... sad day...) fly back with me to Florida! We took a red eye flight--so crazy. Sounds like a good idea, but so isn't! We did a plethora of fun stuff while they were here, which included visiting the Tampa Aquarium and the Kennedy Space Center!

"Help me! I'm under attack!"

Cutest. Crab. Ever.

"Clearly, whoever designed these homes didn't have crabs of the long-legged variety in mind..."

The designated driver. Hmmmm...


The KSC had cool stuff like this Gemini capsule from the Apollo 13 (or 14?) mission...

An actual Saturn V rocket. SO BIG.

The last shot of the night. The KSC was officially closed, but Dad suggested we take the "long way" out through the rocket gardens. Whoops. We got approached by security and were brutally thrown out on our backsides. 
Okay, so not really. But we were informed that they were, in fact, now closed.

Poor Emily got sick with something nasty, so we were hotel-ridden the day the family went to Gatorland and took an airboat ride. Made for some cute pictures, though!

Sleepy kiddo... be continued...
yup. it never ends. But you should be excited! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is next!!!


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