Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Drive-In

It was fun! We thought we'd try it out to see how we liked it. After all, it meant we could get out on a date WITH Emily! She was asleep on the floor for a good chunk of the movie. 

My favorite part? The pictures. :)

Emily still doesn't quite get the concept of self-portraits...

We figure the earlier we teach her how to drive the easier it will be when she's a teenager, right?

Not sure how that tiny little body contains all that joy... :)

Reason she's flying out of the frame? Oh... because she was bouncing around like a crazy baby. She was so excited about all this...


Aw... That's my cutie pie!


Ashley said...

she looks like such a happy baby!!! love it! A drive in is a good idea! Im lovin your hair too.


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