Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Up she goes!

So, I've had it on my "list of things to blog" to post a video of Emily's super cute butterfly crawl for a while now. 

But alas. That news is now old news, as she can now do this:
Yup. Two videos. The first one leads into the second. 
We realized during the first that she hasn't done this with pants on yet, so the second movie is more scandalous (due, of course, to the lack of pants...), 
but much more successful! ;)


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

That a girl, Emily! woot! woot! By the way in my mind she is still a little baby and not suppose to be moving. They grow way to fast.

Adriane said...

She's so grown up! My goodness! Isaac's going to have to get moving if he's going to be walking before Emily! Luckily he's almost there :P Aaaand, because I'm too lazy to comment on the other post, welcome to the blogosphere Kirby!

Jewelyn said...

precious! love it!

Amy said...

Sooo cute! We miss Emily! oh, and you guys too...


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