Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gator. Land.

Creepiest. Picture. Ever.

But awesome. :)

Did you know there are ALBINO alligators? I, for one, did not! Crazy. Most of the biggest alligators looked dead. They were just lying there with their eyes rolled back. But hey. Florida's hot. I'd probably do the same!

Couldn't resist... You can sort of see "Cuddles'" head poking out from underneath Emily...

So they had this aviary where you could buy little popsicle sticks covered in bird food, and the birds would come and land on you and eat eat eat! I thought to myself, "SUWEEEET!" So we got in right before it closed down.

Emily wanted to catch the birds!

Aww... look how happy I look to have birdies all over my hands! all my greasy glory...


This is a little bit closer to how I was feeling...

Okay, fine. I didn't do so good at first. There was only a couple parrots, and I happened to be standing by one when I got my stick, and he (or she--let's be politically correct here...) didn't waste any time getting to me! All that went through my mind was "DUCK." :) So embarrassing.

Oh yeah. This is fabulous, too. Pretty sure I did this every. single. time. a new bird landed on my arm/stick. Whooooeeee!

Anyhoo. On to less embarrassing stuff! :) These are the lil' gators, sunning themselves.


This guy was fabulous... So funny. He did some cra-zazy stuff!

Just 'cause she's darling!

Love pictures of Emily with her daddy!

Emily was done with the parental pictures by the time she got to me... She wouldn't look at the camera and smile at the same time... But oh well. I still like 'em!

p.s. Check out my necklace!
I. Love. It.

It's my mother's day gift. It's from a site called, and the jewelry is designed to be yanked on and played with by kids! On the style I got, that donut in front is free moving on about 4 inches of the necklace, so babies love to play with it while nursing. No more pinching and less distractions! So nice. Plus it is beautiful. And they have tons and tons of color schemes and different styles for each color scheme. 



Stacey said...

love the necklace and I'm assuming the snake is fake...

Adriane said...

Haha, I'm hoping the snake is fake too...unless Kirby took the picture when you weren't looking, cuz I wouldn't put it past him...

And I really like you guys and miss you! <3

Lauren Davison said...

Teehee... Of COURSE the snake is fake! Although, I totally did a double-take myself when we walked past it. Kirby said, "That would be such a funny picture to put Emily in there..." And I said, "Why not? Let's do it!" But yes. Cuddles is, in fact, make believe.

Although... Adriane totally has a point... I'll have to keep both eyes on him! :) (Meaning Kirby, of course, as Cuddles is made of concrete...)


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