Monday, May 24, 2010


So I think the time has finally come.

She's teething for reals. 

At least, I assume so. She's been miserable all day with a really sad, semi-whiny cry. She was feverish after her last nap, so I gave her some tylenol and after a couple minutes she fell asleep in my arms.

Cute, and heart-wrenching all at the same time.

She has been taking lots of short naps--not waking up happy, which usually means she didn't sleep well. She hasn't been crawling around giggling to herself the way she usually does.

I took a look at her gums, and I think they look a little bit swollen around where the bottom two middle teeth will be breaking through. Almost as though there is something pushing up on them from the inside. Huh. Like maybe some teeth?

Is that normal?

I guess realistically I could research via the internet to get info on the signs of teething, so I guess my real question is this:

What are some ways you moms out there soothe(d) your babies when they were cutting teeth?


Katie Rod said...

Yeah, swollen gums are normal and if you look close (without getting your finger chomped off) you may see little white dots on top. That's a pretty good sign that they will be in soon. And we've used big (not salad bowl big, but not tiny) spoons for them to bite on. Caleb never really liked to hold the cold teething rings, but you just never know what babies will prefer.

I had an older grandma come up to me and tell me to skin a cold full-size carrot and have my baby naw on that. I haven't tried that one yet, but sounds good to me! Also, they have teething orajel swabs that work MUCH better than that stuff you have to rub on yourself. GOOD LUCK!!! Life really does get better once all the teeth come in.

Adriane said...

I <3 orajel as well. I've heard you can freeze a washcloth and let her chew on that as well--but that wasn't Isaac's fave. I pretty much tylenolled him up whenever I could give him a new dose, and orajelled him then too. This too shall pass ;) Isaac just got his fourth tooth without nearly as much trouble as his first two. His third was somewhere in between. And hey, Gregory has nearly ALL his teeth, and I lived through that ;)


Ashley said...

so this is what i have to look forward to?!?!

John and Bethany said...

If Aunt Pam were there she would "cut" them with a metal spoon. She did it for a few of Max's and I just made sure I wasn't around:) It really seemed to relieve his pain.


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