Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tour

So, this is mostly for me, and for my sister, who shares my love of all things interior. :) But for anyone else who's interested in seeing what it looks like to move across the country with only what fits in your car and then rely solely on the ward members to supply any furniture, read on! :)

This is our main room. LOVE the windows. There is so much natural light in this place. Yes, Emily sleeps in the living room. We only have one bedroom...

View from the other side of the living room... Please note that I am squished up in the corners in order to get the widest angle as possible... One of my favorite parts of the apartment--outlets GALORE! No extension cords needed. Ever.

Here's the story of the furniture. The only piece of "furniture" we had when we got to Florida was Emily's pack 'n' play. We were literally sitting on a bare hardwood floor for two days--not so great on the back, by the way. Our landlord (who is fabulous, by the way) loaned us their queen air mattress until we could get a mattress... We got our place Friday afternoon. On Sunday at church when we introduced ourselves in Relief Society and Priesthood, we just let everyone know we had no furniture. Just kind of threw it out there, hoping someone would have a spare mattress we could borrow while we were here, and maybe a couch. Or camp chairs. Or ANYTHING better than the bare floor... 

Within an hour of church ending, we had a couch, lazy boy, king sized mattress, and a baby gate. The following day we got a card table and folding chairs, towels, and various kitchenwares. 

Here is our fabulous watercolor couch.

We were in need of a desk, but don't really have the space, so I had the idea to adjust the shelving by the fireplace so I could use it as a desk! :)

Here's our teensy weensy cute-as-a-button kitchen.

This stove is darling. And tiny. But perfect for us. Plus--it's a gas stove! I've never used a gas stove before... Love it. It probably has more to do with the fact that I'm a pyro, and I get to light fire whenever I use one, but you know... And how cute is that little window! I know you are all wondering--yes, it works. I opened it up today. Got hit with a wall of muggy heat when I did, and invited a little eight-legged friend in, too, but it opens! So cute.

The bedroom is right off the living room. Obviously. Where else would it be? It's a one bedroom apartment! :) Look spacious? Don't be fooled... The king mattress literally touches three walls!

See? We have to stand on the bed to get to half of our closet... And we have to walk over it to get to the bathroom. But it sure beats sleeping on the floor! :)

Moving right along into the bathroom...

Small, but functional. Zero counterspace, but I make it work. 
Cause let's be real--I'm the only one who actually "needs" it...

Hey! Who's that crazy wearing long sleeves in Florida!?
It's my pajama shirt (aka go-to covered in baby puke and snot shirt.) Glamorous, I know.

So, our apartment is a "carriage house" of sorts. Basically means it's above a garage. So the living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all upstairs. This is our front door and laundry room/mud room. Right behind the camera is the staircase to the rest of the house. I love all the counterspace and shelving in here! I don't use half of it since we have zero stuff here, but I just love HAVING it!

So there you have it! That's our small, but oh so comfy and fabulous apartment in Lakeland's historic district. We love it. Absolutely love it. The central air isn't bad, either. So much better than a window unit. Phew! If anyone comes to visit we can put you up in the laundry room (or should I say put you down... ?? Oh man, I am so hilarious.) :)


Katie Rod said...

Lovely pictures as usual. :) And the space is only for a few months, right?? You'll do great.

And congrats on the furniture! That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

our family always used shelving as desks in the living room while growing up!

Adriane said...

Yaaaay for ward families wherever you go! I'm glad they are taking care of you for us! CaYUTE house girl! Love it.

Amy said...

Way cute and cozy! You need to get a picture of the outside of the apt for me! What a great ward you have to get you furniture! God Bless!

Melanie said...

That is just the cutest little kitchen I have ever seen! What a fun place!

Ashley said...

wow looks like a pretty clean place! What an awesome ward!

Meridith said...

I was so so grateful to read that your ward members are taking care of you! :) P.S. You look so cute and skinny. :)


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