Friday, May 7, 2010

Lake Hollingsworth

Lakeland, Florida.

Our new home!

We live half a block from Lake Hollingsworth, right by Florida Southern College. The lake is fabulous. Exactly three miles around (there is a convenient two-way path around it, too). Kirby and I were originally planning to take a walk around it every evening, but Emily and I have been stricken with a nasty virus the last couple days, so we've stayed in. 

The first time we walked the lake, though, I took my camera along. It's a good thing I had it, too, because it helped distract me from the muggy heat. Kirby and I were both full on sweating (not nasty, wet-spots-all-over-the-clothes sweaty) by the time we got back to our apartment. We will never do that at 1 in the afternoon again! :)

Here's a glimpse at the lake through my lens...
(Yes... there's something like 20 pictures, so brace yourselves!)

There was a little boardwalk thingy that juts out into the lake. Looks peaceful, yeah? Don't be deceived. That's exactly what the mosquitoes want you to think!

When I first took this shot it was because I thought the lines were cool, jutting up into the sky like that. When I got it home and opened it in photoshop I realized the leaves are covered in bugs! Welcome to Florida. :)

I could spend all day taking pictures of palm trees. 

Texture. Yum.

For some reason, some of the fire hydrant heads are blue. Dunno why.

I feel like I'm walking into a Lord of the Rings set every time I see these trees. This hanging stuff is everywhere, and I love it!

Mmmmm... Texture...

This was Emily's first day with a sippy cup. I don't think she really gets it, yet, but she loved holding it. I just love how indifferent she looks... :)

Our apartment is in the historic district, which means are streets are made up of these...

My favorite kind of palm tree. I refer to them as "the firework palm."

I love when the trees grow out sideways. Add a pleasant little walkway underneath, and some hanging stuff, and voila! Awesomeness!

This is a "short lil' dude" palm.

This was funny. Kirby squatted down to look at this mother duck and her ducklings who came waddling towards us. As soon as he squatted, birds from EVERYWHERE flocked to us! Ha. They thought we had bread. So then Kirby held his hand like he had some and MORE came. They would run towards spots if he pretended to throw bread, too... Well, at least we know they are well trained. And well fed, for that matter!

This is "the Dr. Seuss" palm. Complete with the kink in the trunk.

This is the "big ugly hairy-chested man" palm. Not much to look at.

And my favorite shot of the day. Yum. :)


Meridith said...

Ha. I can totally see you in Emily a lot more now. :)

Meli said...

beautiful!! i love palm trees too...I m happy you guys love florida:D

Tom Rod said...

Beautiful pics.

Careful with the spanish moss--chiggers love 'em!

Katie Rod said...

yay! How fun. But, I have to say that Lake Hollingsworth looks pretty sad. It used to be full at one point... And you know what's crazy?? You will always see people running around it even at 3pm in the full sun. Those are some pretty dedicated and extremely sweaty people. Have fun in L-town.

Anonymous said...

wow... gorgeous! you have such a talent to make some of the grossest things beautiful :)

The Ranson Family said...

Great pictures! Daniel misses the palm trees

Adriane said...

Well, I still miss you! But that is a gorgeous place you are living! :D I can't wait for pictures of your house, and I hope you guys are feeling better! Hey, e-mail me and tell me where you want me to Paypal you for the Verizon check. <3


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