Thursday, January 20, 2011


Here is our current bedding:

I love it. Truly I do. But some of the patches (the silkier fabric with the zebra stripes) are fraying at the seams. So lame. 

BUT--also fun because it means I can change up our bedroom--which I've been wanting to do for a little while now. And realistically, changing up the bedding is a great way to do that. 

I've been searching different sites (kohls, jcpenney, walmart, target, etc.) for sets I love, but that are also affordable. I need something that is delicious and fun, but not to crazy or girly (since Kirby has to like it, after all.) 

Here's the thing, though--I surprised Kirby with this bedding. I saw it at Walmart one day, loved it immediately, but was worried Kirby would hate it. I decided to give it a shot anyways and put it on the bed while he was at school, keeping all the packaging in case it was a complete failure. 

He loved it.

He did, however, openly admit that if he'd been there at the store with me to help select our new bedding, he never would have chosen this, and probably would have been against it. 

My point? Sometimes taking chances can really pay off. 

I have found a couple I like so far, and would LOVE some input from all y'all.

The first three are all from Kohls. 

Found HERE.
 I love how luxurious these two look. Same set, different color schemes. 
Found HERE.
Update: Turns out this one (above) isn't available in a queen. LAME. But I'll leave it up anyways because it's gorgeous. :)

And this one? I am just drawn to it. I can't quite pin down the reason why. If it was just for me, I would buy this in a heartbeat. My only hesitation is Kirby--do you guys think it's too girly??
Found HERE.

The rest are from Walmart--some are available in stores, others are only available online. I couldn't save the pictures from their website (LAAAAME!), but I'll put the links. 

I think this one is fun and whimsical, while being elegant at the same time.

This one has me head-over-heels. I love the color. Plus--it comes with the decorative pillows shown in the picture!

This set definitely has a masculine vibe, which I'm totally cool with. But it is all brown, and I'm kind of itching to shake things up with the color. I like all the asymmetry, though!

This one is another that I'm drawn too, but I'm afraid it might be too feminine. The color, the print. But isn't it FABULOUS?

So there you have it. My huge dilemma. I have $40 in Kohls Cash from our shopping trip to get Kirby clothes for work, and a $30 gift card from Christmas. So I'd love to be able to use those on the bedding, since it would kind of even out the price difference between Kohls and Walmart. Plus part of me is telling myself, "If it costs more it should supposedly be higher quality, right???" That being said, there is plenty on my list-of-things-to-do that could be purchased at Kohls with said gift card and Kohl's Cash, so it's not like this will be my only chance to use them.

On the other hand, the Walmart sets are definitely cheaper, and while that could mean lower quality, the set we have now came from Walmart and we have loved it--the warmth level is perfect, and the fabrics feel fabulous. Plus-- it could give me a great excuse to switch things up again in a couple years, right?? ;)

What do YOU think? 
Which set is your favorite and why? 
Do you think I'm too paranoid about the girly-ness, or would it be wise to steer clear of those two more feminine sets? 
And what are your views on decorative pillows? I LOVE a made up bed, complete with decorative pillows, but the rational side of me (thanks, dad...) keeps telling myself they'll just be tossed out of the way. 
They WOULD make making the bed every morning a lot more fun, though. Ooooh. That's a great justification! I would definitely be more likely to make the bed if we had fabulous pillows.


Jewelyn said...

ohhh that first Kohls one is nice. we have one similar to the second walmart one (brown/blue) but not quite as cool (got it from Ross). love that color scheme. ours has the extra pillows which i do think is fun... they do stay in a little stack on the floor right now but it's nice to know if i have company coming our bed can look really nice.

Kristin Hanson said...

a) Walmart quality sucks. So if you can buy a set at Khols. DO IT! :) My mom just bought a beautiful one there and it's holding up well against her two fat cats.

b) I say buy the bedding that makes you the most happy. I'm always trying to appease David and then realized a few months ago that it doesn't matter so much since I'm the one at home all the time. And surroundings have a bigger impact on me than they do him (although this may not be the case with Kirby)

c) I adore the first one from Khols - I am always drawn to aquas, browns and ivory together. So classy, girly, yet a boy wouldn't feel attacked by the femininity of it.

d) have you checked out IKEA? I've seen a few bedding pieces there that I love and are totally affordable. Although, I don't know if you have one nearby.

One day I'll justify the purchase of real bedding, but for now, I'm content with the quilt I made us out of fabric we purchased in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

Melanie said...

Our bedding is from Kohls- VERY similar to the first set you pictured- and I absolutely love it. I don't use the huge king-sized pillows in the back, because, well, you have to draw the line somewhere, but yes, I stack up the other 8 pillows TWICE every day- once when we get up in the morning and once after Leah and I nap in it in the afternoon. Totally worth it- the eye candy is SO satisfying every time I walk past it. We used to have boring bedding, and I am surprised, and slightly embarrassed, at how much I enjoy our new bedding. Worth every penny, I promise. We've had ours for close to 3 years, and the quality has held up great. Good luck choosing!

Amy said...

Hey! Thanks for the pics. Love the place. I am am 'pinning' that wall shelving idea, brilliant!
As for the bedding, my absolute fave is the third picture you showed, then pink/burgundy-ish one. I agree with you about being careful on being too girly, but you don't want to to be masculine either because both of you have to live in that room :) I think the Victoria classic blue and brown one is a good compromise. Manly and yet with some girlish flair.
Oh and I love pillows too!!
Someday, i will show you the quilt top I am working on for our bed, my goal is to have it done by the time we move...yup, it just might take me THAT long.
Good luck with everything!

Mercedes said...

hmm....To be honest I know nothing of the quality of these to places so you would probably be better listening to someone else about that. Our bedding is from Bed Bath and Beyond from our wedding and it is wonderful! Anyways, about the ones you posted, this is what I think:
I like the first one from Kohls (I LOVE the second but since it doesn't come in your size it doesn't count). Devin would be against girly bedding, so I have to say you should probably steer clear of it--for Kirby's sake.
Of the walmart ones my favorite is the first one you posted, the "whimsical" one, I think this one would give you an opportunity to switch up the color scheme in your room and make the most changes from what you have. Plus, the design is really nice, and elegant like you pointed out.
Of the two I would pick the first walmart one, just because it is more my style, but if you want the more formal look the first one from Khols is great.
I hope this helps! Good luck on your hunt for new bedding! :D

Bobby and Melissa said...

Good point about if you buy it at Wal-mart it would give you an excuse to switch it up again in a few years! Of the Kohl's one's I love the 1st and the 3rd. Of the Wal-Mart the 1st one is by far my fav. (You've made me want to get new one's for us!) Every guy is so different I think. Some care and some don't. So how girly you should go I have no idea! I don't think the 3rd Kohl's or the 1st Wal-mart are so girly that a guy would vomit or anything ;)
And Pillows are a MUST! For a long 6 years of our marriage we didn't get pillows and when we finally did I am in love with the pillows! It makes making the bed a ton more fun because you know it's going to look awesome when you're done. I really do enjoy seeing them every time I walk in the room. It makes me feel all grown up :) Good luck and have fun picking! You MUST let us know what you end up doing!

Adriane said...

:D I love my pillows. So do my boys. I often have to go and gather them from Gregory's room if I want to make my bed pretty...

You say you are head over heels for that blue and brown--get it! :D Although that last WalMart one is fabulously graphic--I don't think Kirby would mind it. The leaves and such are so modern and clean that it doesn't seem over the top girly or anything.

Pillows are NO time to listen to your inner Dad.

I was just thinking yesterday (when I actually made my bed for once...) that I wanted to play with my pillows--grab some that didn't come with my bed set and make things look more custom. :D


Bobby and Melissa said...

I meant to say the 2nd wal-mart one was my fav. (instead of the 1st one):)


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