Friday, January 14, 2011

Settling In.

I finally broke out the 5d Mark II today. 
It was about time I got some new pictures of Emily.

I just got Emily some real bath toys. Hooray! Naturally, it needed to be photographed.

"Geez. Haven't seen that big black thing in a while..."

Emily's characteristic squat. Sometimes she'll go a full 10 minutes like this.

We finally got Emily some rubber-soled shoes. Seeing as the ground is wet here about 85% of the time, I figured it was about time. Now we can actually play outside!

She clearly loves them.
When we tried them on at Kohls she went ballistic when we took them off.

Are they darling or what!?

The tights/diaper cover/tennis shoes combo is SO in right now.

Belly shot. Because it's fabulous.


Jewelyn said...

haha oh my goodness she takes great pics! and those shoes are awesome! something about them already having laces is sooo cute.

Rachel said...

How did you get those tub shots so bright? I know the lighting in your bathroom can't be that great, so I wanna know your secret! All the pics are SO cute!


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