Monday, January 10, 2011

Word of the Year

 Remember that one time I mentioned Lisa Leonard Designs?


Well. They are having another giveaway. Let's be honest. They have them all the time. I just don't blog about them all.... But I think this necklace is so fun.

It's called Word of the Year.

They are giving away two of these, to two random winners. You can enter

I think my word of the year is going to be

There are lots of things I would love to try--macro nature photography, architecture photography, yoga, card making, refinishing furniture, etc. etc. etc. Too often, though, I hunker down into my comfort zone and stick to what I know I can do. I'm too afraid to fail.

Zumba used to be one of those things. And spinning. My sister, Adriane, and I united to face those things together. 

Spinning? EPIC FAIL.

Was it hard for me to fail at spinning? Sure. It was a huge hit to my "athletic, tough girl" persona. 
Yes. That persona may, in fact, be a complete delusion. But it's still there.

But I never would have discovered my love for Zumba if we hadn't failed at spinning first.

Oh. And remember this post?
Amy from Mod Podge Rocks featured it on her blog here as the Project of the Week!

My point? I want to discover more things I love to do--even if I'm not "the best" at them--because it will ultimately bring more fulfillment to my life.

So here's to REACHING!
What's your Word of the Year?


Jewelyn said...

those are super cute necklaces. and thanks for your comments... it's always nice to hear that others have had similar experiences. haven't quite decided what my word for the year could be. something to think about for me!

Adriane said...

You are good for me. I need to reach too. :D And YOU are famous my dear!

Adriane said...

You are good for me. I need to reach too. :D And YOU are famous my dear!


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