Friday, January 14, 2011

The News from Washington

So far, so good.
We have things moved in and organized to a point where we are as far as we can go before getting another bookcase. 

We're gonna get one from IKEA. 
I went there this past Saturday (Have any of you ever been on a Saturday?? INSANE.) and got two dressers to go under our TV and a small(ish) shelf which ended up in the bathroom. We were going to hang it on the wall, but it's a hefty lil' thing, and the studs just didn't line up in the living room. Bummer. Anyhoo, that final bookcase wouldn't have fit in my car along with the other items. It's 79 1/2 inches long, for goodness sakes! Plus, it was the first item I found in the self serve area, and I was alone, and chickened out. I was alone with the dressers and shelf, too, but by the time I found them I was in this-trip-will-be-a-total-waste-if-I-don't-suck-it-up-and-find-a-way-to-get-these-on-my-cart mode.

So... our place used to look like this:

Master Bedroom.
Emily's Room.
 Bathroom. Obviously.
Living Room.
 View from the front door of the living and dining room.

Now it doesn't. And I'll get pictures again soon. I am too tired and lazy right now to do it. Plus--they'll be better with natural light coming in the windows anyways. 

Our trip here was a bit crazy. I've already mentioned the crazy weather, and the truck delay... But I've only barely gotten to upload any pictures.

Our couldn't-have-survived-withouts were the DVD player, goldfish crackers, and kix.

This is what the road looked like before we got to Pendleton for the night. I know what you're thinkin'. What road? So glad I wasn't driving.

This is how I felt by the end of it all, too.

And some non-roadtrip shots. Just 'cause.
Emily prefers to sit in the lid to her puzzle box when she watches TV.

I came in to check on Emily during her nap one day to find this. Whoops!
Yes, the right side of her diaper managed to come undone. Fabulous.

I decided to let Emily have a go at a bowl of yogurt all by herself yesterday.
She loved it. 
By the end of it everything was coated in yogurt.

She doesn't quite have the spoon thing down yet. Sometimes it's just easier to eat with your fingers...


The Ranson Family said...

I love all the pictures. Ethan does the same thing and loves to get our place mats and sit on them while watching the wiggles. They will love that part in preschool.

Ashley said...

oh my gosh! emily is sooo cute and full of personality. I love that her diaper came undone! Haha too funny. Looks like you have lots of boxes to unpack... not fun!

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

ok no I didn't forget your blog exisited. I have just been a little pre-ocupied. Not like you don't understand with 50 million boxes to un-pack.

I love the picture all the pictures you put up I don't think I could pic one as a faviort if I tried. I hope you three are enjoying washington. We will have to come up and say hi some time


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